Sunday, 9 August 2009


Just because Moda bake shop was offering them, I had to have one! I gave in and made myself a giant pin cushion, it was sew easy to do. Go along and have a look at the tutorial.
I feel a few more of these coming along in the future.
The kitchens in the respite flats at work have had a make over and one of the first things to go was the old ironing boards, they were never used as they had to be clamped onto work tops, but they never fitted properly. We bought a real ironing board for use in the laundry ages ago and these little boards have been gathering dust ever since.
Well, I rescued one of them off the rubbish pile and then I asked a clever colleague of mine if he would kindly remove the silly clamps drill a few holes and add some little feet. He did a wonderful job. He even put the old cover back on for me! It's pretty grubby so I removed it and I've been laying an old towel over it for now,
But I plan to recover this little board, it's just a good size for ironing blocks and smaller pieces. I have some of the heat proof wadding that is used for oven mitts etc and plan to use that under the washed silvery cover that is already on it, then I may add a pretty cotton top of my own. Any hints and tips out there? I'd certainly appreciate them, I've never made an ironing board cover before, I've always bought one.
I have a couple of late shifts and days off coming up. I'm hoping to get on and finish my homework then maybe I'll have time to get the charm bag tutorial done, a few people have said they would like one and it gives me an excuse to make another bag! LOL
I gave one to a colleague the other evening and she brought it to work the very next day!
Thank you to everyone who sent Birthday Wishes my way. They all helped to make an extra special few days.
1) Moda Bake Shop!
2) 13 days until Birmingham
3) 77 Days until NZ


jannimary said...

The design of the pincushion is so clever and effective. Well done. And, the little ironing board should be really handy when just doing small pieces. I'm sure you'll find a great tutorial for a cover out there somewhere.

Allie said...

That pincushion is GREAT! I love the fabrics you used. I like that little ironing board too. I have a table I use, I just used the silver pre-quilted stuff, cut it to size and bound it. I put elastic on the corners so it slips on and off the table easily.

Lorraine said...

cute little ironing board...just right for the sewing room! I saw the gian pincushion tutorial but haven't had a chance to make one...they would make great gifts as well.....and with Christmas coming up at a rate of knots I need all the help I can get with gift ideas!

Miss 376 said...

What a useful ironing board, i can imagine you will use that a lot. Much better than going to the tip

Cardygirl said...

I have been looking at those pincushions too...looks good! I could not live without my mini ironing board.

Lynda said...

I have a little ironing board like that which I bought from IKEA - it's so useful. I'm looking forward to ideas on recovering it, as mine looks a bit pathetic too! (It's got quite a bit of Bondaweb stuck to it, where I've accidentally missed the fabric!)

Karen said...

Love the giant pincushion, but a little to big for my project boxes!

Julie said...

Must get myself a little ironing board too. I cover my own. I cut out the shape of the board with a large, several inch allowance. Fold over to make a casing and thread elastic or string sometines holds tighter and tie off. Hope that helps. cheers, Julie.