Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Nothing Much

Did I lay out my plans on Sunday? Did I say I was going to have a busy day with lots of sewing and lots of finishing off? Well I had a lazy day! Hunney and I curled up on the sofa and watched movies and the F1 GP. I didn't lift a needle once. But it was worth it, to get all those cuddles.
I have made some progress though. On Monday evening I finished off this little apron, it's just made from some Jelly strips.
And is reversable.
It's for a gift.
Last night I completed the quilting on my Blue Butterflies. I'm so pleased with myself, not a single ruck, tuck or fold in the back! I know it's only a small quilt, but I'm happy, happy, happy! No photo yet I'm afraid, it's lashing down here and the light is awful. I tried taking a picture with the flash, but, ugh! It can wait. I know I bought a load of yellow fabrics at Birmingham, but I've decided that I need a piece of yellow with a hint of blue for the binding on this one, so last night I was off to my favourite on-line shop. They will mail my order today and it will be with me on Thursday. My big piece of dream green for the Welsh Jellies has still not even been dispatched. I wish I knew where else to get it here in GB, maybe it's time to get Uncle Google to have another look around.
It's my day in the office today, so depending on the weather I may scoot up the hill to the sewing shop, not for anything in particular, well, maybe for some more Christmas fabrics and just for a look about.
This evening I plan to get the Welsh Jellies top completed and get the back sorted out so all it needs is layering and quilting once the wadding arrives. LOL Maybe I shouldn't make such plans! I'm then on late shifts for what remains of the week, so I'll have to find something to do with my mornings. I could start on some Christmas things, I have some BOMs I need to print and catch up with. Plenty to keep me busy.
1) A day filled with cuddles.
2) F&P love of Quilting is here, reading material for the bus.
3) Plenty to do.


Miss 376 said...

Sounds like the perfect Sunday. I stitched my way through the GP. Hope you find the fabric you are looking for, I know how frustrating it can be

Allie said...

Well, cuddling trumps sewing, you know - lol! Love your apron, that turned out so sweet. Bet you'll be glad to see your postman!

em's scrapbag said...

Great way to spend a Sunday. The apron is really cute.