Monday, 19 October 2009

Back to work today.

Which can mean only one thing. The day I scoot off to New Zealand draws ever closer. Only five days remain.
Today and Tuesday I have early shifts. Wednesday is my last trip to Warrington, where I'll take my exam. Then I have a late shift on Thursday and I'm done with work, for a whole month.
I didn't do much sewing yesterday, I could have had a new top completed pretty much if I'd got stuck in, but had a lazy day instead. Hunney and I curled up and watched TV. We watched the F1Grand Prix, I felt so sorry for Rubens Barrichello, but, Way to go Jenson!! I don't know where we will be for the next race, on the road possibly, not that it matters too much, now that we know for sure Brawn GP and Jenson Button are the winners.
1) I slept like a log.
2) The count down grows shorter.
3) I had a lovely weekend.


Miss 376 said...

I thought it was rubbing salt into the wound that he was over taken by Vettel in the Drivers' Championship. Hope he does better in the next race to make it a Brawn one, two, be a dream ending for the team

Allie said...

Well everybody needs a break now and then, my girl! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Only 5 days.....woohoo!