Friday, 23 October 2009


I did it! I finally found time to sew. At the weekend I pulled out a Butterfly Fling Jelly Roll and did a little cutting, after I had pulled out the blue strips that is.
I played around and matched up a bunch of pieces,
And yesterday I made up some blocks.
I have a whole bunch more blocks to make and hope to get time later today.
Just in case you hadn't guessed I have only one day left before we leave for our wedding in New Zealand. So todays image is one lonely but beautiful Whale Tale.
Tonight my Hunney and I will stay awake all night long. We'll pass some of the time by packing our cases and early tomorrow morning we begin our long journey.
Our itinerary over the next couple of days looks like this.

  • Isle of Man to Manchester. 35 mins. Saturday Morning
  • 11 hours on the ground, We're booked into a hotel and hope to sleep.
  • Manchester to Dubai. 7 hours
  • 3 hours on the ground
  • Dubai to Sydney 14 hours.
  • 3 hours on the ground
  • Sydney to Christchurch. 3 hours. Monday afternoon.

It looks like 3 days, but when you take into account all the time zones we will cross it's really only just over 30 hours.



1) Blogger finally let me in! Although it is messing with my formatting!!

2) It's nearly time to go.

3) A day out with family and friends.


anne bebbington said...

Have a fabulous trip - early congratulations for your wedding and be sure to take loads of photos to share your adventures with us later

Miss 376 said...

Have a safe journey and all the best for the wedding

Ann J said...

Have a wonderful trip, a fairy tale wedding and be ' happy ever after' Lou!!.........Luv AJ

AnnieO said...

Oh, you're playing with spring colors in preparation for the NZ spring, right? Very bright and happy, just as you'll be when you arrive 30 hours later....

Ali Honey said...

The weather is better!

Safe trip and I love the rings.

Do you know I have the exact same butterfly fabric but in 5 " squares, that I have been playing around with. Couldn't get the right effect so will watch your with added interest.

NZ is THIS WAY*******

GARI said...

The trip sounds wonderful and I know the wedding will be all you wish for it to be. Have a great time and tell/show us all about it.

Allie said...

How in the world can you sew????? I'd be so excited I'd be sewing my fingers together. I'm amazed at you, girl.
One. More. Day. HOORAY!

Gina said...

Have a safe journey and a great trip

Love and hugs Gina xxx