Saturday, 3 October 2009

Only One Left.

I wish I was still here.....
It's blowing a hoolie and threatening rain. But some of us have to work.
Yesterday I managed to get almost all of my homework done, only one assignment left to complete. Phew! I didn't get to do any sewing though, I was writing right up to the last minute before I went out the door to work. If I rattle off that last piece over the next couple of days I'll have a week or two to relax before I have to hand it all in and collect the last block, oh yes, I have one more block to get before we go! Eek!
Speaking of going.....

21 days till we leave.
35 days until we get married. (VBS)
16 days till Hunneys exam and
17 until mine!
Time I got my act together and headed out the door.
Lou xx


Rowyn said...

It sure looks like a homely bedroom. The quilt is lovely.

Good luck to you and your Hunney for your exams.

Lynda said...

I always wish I was back in bed! My DH says that I'm wasting the day, staying in bed, but I say I'm cherishing snuggle-time!

Allie said...

Boy are you going to need that time off by the time you leave!!!

Cardygirl said...

Busy girl...flying towards so many deadlines! Thinking of you at this busy time!

Janet said...

Well, all I can say, is beautiful quilt... and Congrats both on the trip, and the WEDDING!!! Woohoo!!