Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A finish and a start.

For those of you hoping to see a quilt, sorry, I'm still knitting. I'll just have to keep on going until this is out of my system. I predict that won't be too much longer now. Next best thing to a quilt has to be a blanket. Here it is all finished. A quick and easy knit. Six balls of yarn yeilded a 35 x 29 inch blanket and I saved some of the yarn to knit a couple of little flowers, just in case bump is a girl.
It's been blocked on this towel all night, I'll give it a quick and cool press later then put it away for a while.
My new start is another knitting project. I'm well on the way with a lovely soft cabled scarf for my penpal. I wonder if I should have used larger needles for this one as it is working up rather thick. I'm sure Maxine will appreciate it anyway.
When I go to Onchan tomorrow I'll call in at the shop and get another ball of yarn, I think I'll be needing three, and I only have two.
I'm off to find some beads for my secret pin cushion! ;-)


MrsB said...

I love your knitting projects! The baby jacket is gorgeous...

Miss 376 said...

Lovely pattern for the scarf, and very pretty too

black bear cabin said...

im on a stitchery kick right now...so no quilting from me either...but then, quilting is more of a Fall/Winter thing for me :) Besides..its too hot to quilt in the summer ;)

AnnieO said...

A finished project makes for a happy crafter! The blanket looks very snuggly and cozy, and I like the start on your next knitted project. Have fun!

Craftybernie said...

Hiya. I've just found your blog and am loving your quilt projects. I live in Ramsey too and was wondering if you're involved with any of the local guilds for crafting i.e. spinning, quilting, etc... Best wishes, Bernie