Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Still Here.

I'm still here, but work really is getting in the way at the moment. I seem to be doing nothing but working late or starting early and it's a horrible place to be just now. Those of you who know me, know that I fall in and out of love with my job periodically, but this time, it really is over, I'm outta there, just as soon as......... Several versions of my CV are with a job agency and tomorrow I'm off for an interview with another agency. One way or another I'll be leaving.
So, aside from working and looking for alternative work, what have I been doing? Knitting, a bit of mindless knitting, plodding up and down, knit a few, purl a few. I've experimented with this current pattern it really wasn't working for me, so I fiddled and came up with Fairy foot Prints.
Really sweet, a couple more days and this should be done.
And the same Dragon Skin pattern I used to knit a scarf for Joe, got another airing and will be renamed Fairy Wings.
These two projects are gifts and I hope to get them in the mail very soon. Though I may have a look about for a very simple and quick mitten pattern first.
I'm doing another (Private) round of the pin cushion swap, my partner Mandy and I have agreed to go round again as we have plenty of time left before the next official round. That should be fun. I have some good ideas, but didn't make a start yet. Maybe Thursday, I have a late shift tomorrow, but, well that's out, so Thursday is the next one, and I'll have time to call into the sewing shop when I'm in Onchan on Wednesday. :-)
Janice, I tried to email you, but they keep bouncing!!
Here's a link to the sewing Companion pattern.
I'm off to catch up with your blogs.


Cardygirl said...

Hope work issues are sorted soon...it is so hard when work makes you miserable...thinking of you. You are knitting up a storm!

Janice said...

Thanks so much for the pattern. I didn't realise it was on the net. I've only seen it in a magazine. Still haven't found it by the way. I hope things look up for you on the job front soon.

Ali Honey said...

That's funny Loulee. I have just blogged yesterday about making that sewing companion.
I'll send Molly here for the link to the pattern.
Cheers and good luck job hunting!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

hmmm it is important to be happy in your job, as we do spend some considerable time there,
My you have been very creative, you never sit still do you!

Jewells said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel about your job... I am going through the same thoughts.. I have been "here" for over 12 years now...time for a change...cheers...