Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Still no sewing done.

Most of my aches and pains have gone and my bruises are also fading. Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes and felt my pain with me following my slither, I really do appreciate them.
My only excuse for not doing any sewing is procrastination. I'm really not looking forward to quilting this one, I'm nervous about the design I have planned for it. I keep on promising that I will get more adventurous with my quilting but I never seem to. This time I have forced my own hand, by producing a top with lots of blank areas, just calling out for pretty quilting and I'm nervous that I'll make a mess of it. (All whip cracking, encouraging words and stroking of ego welcomed! )
Another reason for the lack of sewing may be the mess that used to be my sewing space. Does this table look ready to work on?
How about underneath?
Perhaps I'll use my morning off (Yay! I finally got one) to tidy up a little, then when I get a day off I'll feel more like sewing.
But before I do any of that I'll have to hang washing.
Thanks again for all your good wishes.


Kris said...

The washing waits for nothing! Glad the bruises are subsiding after the slither. Hope your room gets all tidy and you get all sewy!!! (I'm having the same probs myself!)

AnnieO said...

Glad you are recovering from your fall. Procrastination is both a skill and a curse, isn't it? Sometimes it pays off in unexpected ways :) Hope you get your marking tools and machine quilting gloves all spic and span and ready for action soon.