Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bits of this and that.

I've done some straight line quilting on Kays Roses, phew, it was hot under that quilt! Next step is to make a plan of attack for the decorative quilting. And wait for a cooler day to make a start on it.
I'm still waiting for my Pincushion swap partner to respond to my emails, so can't really do anything with that. Except look at some of the beautifully decorative pincushions out there and give myself even more ideas! I'll end up not knowing what to do.
I'm also knitting, I don't know how long I'll be able to sit under the blanket while we have this beautiful warm weather. It could end up being like sitting under that quilt. It's quick to knit as I suspected and is growing fast.
If it gets too hot I'll concentrate on the little jacket and get that done. I might have to go and look for a nice panel and some fabric to make a quilt for our friends little baby too.
I'm off, I want to boil and bake a gammon before it gets too hot. Cold meat for dinner tonight.


Jane said...

Lol, I've got gammon for the boys today. That blanket is knitting up very nicely, it's going to be gorgeous

Kris said...

Lol! Funny to think you are hot while I am sitting here in front of my heater! Definitely cool here today. (15 degree celcius max) On hot days here (can be up to 45 degree max) I still quilt. I put the air con on and my personal fan on my desk goes on too!