Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A knitting update.

I got some good news yesterday. It seems I wasn't the only person awaiting contact with my Pin cushion pass partner. Our hostess Amy did a little reassigning and I have the lovely Mandy, of Made With Love by Mandy. We've traded Flickr mails and had a peep at each others blog and I feel more confident now going ahead with some of my pin cushion plans.
Speaking of pin cushions, I did consider hopping onto the bus today and going to the crafty shop in Onchan to get some supplies, but I have to go through to work tomorrow anyway and it's lashing down the wet stuff, so instead I think I'll finish my long weekend off work in style. I'm going to sit and knit all day again. It really does pay off you know.
Following a whole day and evening of knitting yesterday I really feel like I made progress on both of my projects. Look at the pretty cable on the front of the baby jacket.
And because it is so small it's very quick to do and fairly painless. (I'm prone to getting confused when cabling) I've now completed the back, a whole front and I made a start on the second front too.
After dinner I switched to the blanket. I've used half of the yarn I bought for the blanket, it's already bigger than my 18 x 24 inch cutting mat.
As promised I had several looks through the knitted bear book and I think with a change of colour for his sweater Oliver is the perfect bear to greet a new baby.
I think I'll dress him in green, or maybe yellow. I'm hoping there will be just enough of the jacket merino left to make him with. Of course to make him baby friendly he'll have embroidered eyes and no button on his sweater or soother round his neck.
I'm off to knit some more. Have fun with your day.


Stephanie said...

What a darling little bear! Knitting and rain seem to go together.

Miss 376 said...

I loved the jacket the first time it came out and you've made good progress. The bear will be lovely too

Shirley Goodwin said...

Well done!

Lynda said...

Knitting is so soothing, especialy when the weather's horrid!

Mad about Craft said...

The teddy is soooo cute! Lucky baby!