Thursday, 3 June 2010

Well at least I made plans!

I've made plans and a small start on a new project. Kay's roses remains incomplete, glaring at me from the back of the chair where I left it. My new project is all secret squirrel. Having completed three rounds of the Pot Holder Pass, I'm now taking part in the Pin Cushion Pass. The same old group, with a few more new friends collected along the way. This time the rules are a little different and we have a direct swap rather than receiving from a mystery benefactor. Should be lots of fun too, I imagine we could get more creative with pin cushions than we could with pot holders. So, I can't show you my tiny start on that.
I can show you this however, a colleague of Tony's is expecting, in the autumn. I was looking for a crochet blanket pattern, but came across a knitted one I couldn't resist, nice and quick and easy. My kind of pattern. As we don't know what we're getting I'm hoping this is neutral enough.
Hmm, looks a bit blue, this close up is a much better colour match.
I'm hoping that if it is a boy that hint of lilac won't make it too girly and if it's a girl, well, that hint of lilac should make it girly enough. That's my theory and I'll stick with it. :-)
So I'll be knitting a lovely blanket. I may also, (if my knitting juices keep on calling) dig out the cardigan I started about this time last year and abandoned! Never give up on a WIP, you never know when you may have need of it!
I'm off to knit till my Hunney gets home.
Take care.


Miss 376 said...

That will make a lovely blanket. I can't get over the difference in colour in the two photos

Justflo said...

Enjoy your knitting. I used to do quite a lot of knitting but now it's cross-stitching to the fore.

Looking forward to seeing your blanket grow.

Kris said...

Oh I love knitting! Lovely yarn.