Saturday, 9 November 2013

I got crafty!

 I didn't manage to get any more cross stitch done, life is getting in the way of that, hopefully next week things will settle down again and I can get on.
Meanwhile, I have been managing to get a granny in here and there on the big blanket. I love that I can put it down like this and walk away if I need to. I know that it will be just fine until I come back to it.
Now to the title of this post! The other day in town I noticed a new crafty shop. (It's right next door to sweet ginger Janice!) Stocked full of hand made lovliness. There were many Christmas decorations in the window. One in particular caught my eye, I thought, I could make that. I kept on walking and met my pal for hot chocolate. She who is queen of all things card and paper! Well I gabbled away excitedly trying to describe what I had seen! It turns out she had made the little treasures and was more than happy to have me come by and play the following morning. 
I should have taken the camera!
When I got there her play room was all ready for me, everything was laid out and a handy cutting machine, cause she knows I can't cut rounds to save my life!
Look what we made, so simple, once you know how.
 LOL Very difficult to photograph though.
Needless to say I enjoyed my morning, the time flew by very quickly. 
I love having something unique and hand made for my tree.
Look at this cheeky face and all that red hair!
My beautiful Grand daughter Faith is 5 months old now. Love this picture.
I had physio yesterday, for my sore paw.  He pushed and pulled and bent and twisted my poor little pinkie in every which way you could imagine. Then he gave me a blob of yellow putty to squish.
It would seem that squishing balls of yarn is not good enough, but he was happy that I was at least doing something while I awaited my appointment.
All the necessary paperwork for my visa application is now here. Over the weekend I'll get it into some sort of order, then on Monday the whole lot will be mailed and I will be waiting to see if my immigration visa is granted. 
Wish me luck.
Dinner is in the slow cooker. Time to stitch.


Janice said...

I love your decoration. Mum has made some in the past which are lots of circles of recycled cards but are folded as a triangle. I saw one on Pinterest recently, but can't remember where. I haven't see your sort before. I'll have to show Mum.
Here's hoping your physio helps your paw heal quickly. It's always good to have another crafty shop in the town.

AnnieO said...

Simple decorations are sometimes the best thing! Your granddaughter is completely irresistible. My sister had hair like that :)

Diane-crewe said...

keeping every thing crossed for you x decoration looks wonderful.. as does Faith xx