Wednesday 27 November 2013


Cheer me on please. This wreath is driving me bonkers! I seem to be spending more time changing thread colours than I do stitching.
I've tried 'parking' the threads, but just end up confused, I learned long ago I'm better off stopping and starting, no matter how much it slows me down.
This picture shows very clearly just how much detail a little back stitch can add. It also shows that nasty rusty needle stain in all it's glory. I'm so glad that one is not my fault, though I must admit, I have made that mistake in the past.
I'm off to town to do a few chores, then home to stitch! Maybe, just maybe I can get the wreath finished before The boys get home looking for food.


Quilter Kathy said...

That is a really challenging stitching pattern! Keep at it... it looks amazing!

Cath said...

Fab stitching . I've heard that lemon juice and salt will help to get rid of rust stains , might be worth a try .x

QuiltSue said...

Good luck with that. It looks like the route to eyestrain to me!

Janice said...

Come on Lou. You can do it. Go Lou, go Lou. Is that enough cheering? You will be so pleased when this one is finished.