Thursday, 21 November 2013

Another finish.....

I finished the big blue blanket. My poor pinkie finger has been aching, terribly the last couple of days as I pushed to have it done.
I did want to make the bluer panel at the bottom a little longer, but alas I was running out of blues and wanted to be sure to have enough to do at least one round each on the edge. 
 Thank goodness I stopped when I did, that was literally all I had left! The dark blue has about 3 yards and the lighter blue a little more.
It's a very grey overcast day here today, one of those days when there is no weather! No sun, no rain, no wind, just calm and grey. So getting a decent photo was never going to be easy. What you see here is the best of a bad lot, but you get the idea. I shall miss this lovely cosy blanket, It has kept me lovely and warm in the evenings as I hook away at it, but I know the recipient will love to snuggle under it.
I started a new crochet project last night, just a short time after declaring the blanket done. I meant to take a photo of it, but got so frustrated trying to get a good blanket shot........
Never mind, I'll have something to show off next time.
Right I need to take a quick trip to the post office, then the day is mine.
Crochet, or Santa? Hmm....

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QuiltSue said...

Someone's going to love that blue blanket. Sorry the finger's still causing trouble. I do hope it recovers soon.