Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Getting there

The secret stitching is completed. All washed and pressed too. I forgot to take a picture before I dashed off to the framers though, so you'll have to wait until I get it back.
The crochet blanket is currently undergoing edge treatment, so it will be finished very soon too! In spite of the pretty heavy snowfall last night and early this morning, it's now a great drying day, so both washing lines are full, so no WIP picture of the blanket either!
Can't have a post with no picture, how about a squishy wreath.
I've had a busy day, so I'm off to relax for a while, before I catch a bus to go visit with my big brother.  Maybe I'll take him some of the chocolate cake I made.

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QuiltSue said...

Sounds like you've been quite busy. I hope you enjoyed your visit with your brother and the chocolate cake?