Friday, 29 November 2013

Flashy Photos!

It's dark this morning, so I had to use the flash I'm afraid.
Well, Santa's wreath is finished. Now I'm alternating between the Christmas tree he will be holding and his beard, which is rather difficult to see here, but I assure you it's growing!
The tree is promising to be as much of a pain as the wreath, if not more, as well as all the greens, there are several reds, for the ornaments and a golden garland. 
 Maybe, just maybe, I'll be finished stitching on this one by Christmas.
I did catch myself wondering how to finish him. It would be nice to do something different with him. Perhaps a wall hanger, with a forest of patchwork trees around him? Hmm......
If I'm wondering what to do with the finished project, then it must be time to start planning a new project.
A finish means a start doesn't it?
I've been lurking on Cross stitch sites, my clicky finger has been busy.
Hurry up and get finished Santa!
I had started another little crochet cardi, but lost count and got all in a tangle with it! So it got chucked into a bag and out came this pretty blanket I started while we were in Europe earlier this year. 
I'm off to see if I can find some more of the yellow yarn today, problem is, I'm not sure where I got it or even what brand it is! 
Never mind, I do have a plan B just in case.
Even though it isn't very big yet, I can confirm that it is very cosy. 
I'm off to do my chores, then I can relax and play.


Diane-crewe said...

Santa may be a pain but he looks good to me xx SO GLAD you have a plan B.. very reasuring xx lol x

Nicky said...

Your Santa is growing pretty quickly now, looking good!