Monday, 5 May 2014

Autumn wanderings.

The weather on Saturday was beautiful, so I took myself and the fully recharged camera back into the bay area to get more pictures. It really is very beautiful in there.
 I spent some time in the aviary with the birds, but it was busy, with lots of families, so many of the more shy birds were hiding away.
 I'll go back on another day to try to catch them.
This not so shy chap is Jasper, the Sulphur crested cockatoo!
He did a little dance for me and looped the loop on his perch.
 He talks too, I have heard him say 'Hello Jasper' and 'Oh shut up Jasper' 
But not on Saturday, I guess he was stage struck with so many people clamouring at him to speak.
 Some of the birds are kept in large cages, with their friends, while others fly free around the domed cage of the aviary. 
Sadly none of the birds are native species. I'd love to meet them!
There are many other attractions in the bay.
There are several sculptures. This one is a weather vane, spinning to show wind direction.
 I'm not entirely sure what these ones are about! I could find no explanation.
 I walked to the top of the Piazza steps to get a view of the area again, this time with the sun shining.
 Then after walking back down the steps I wandered around aimlessly, just enjoying the sunshine.
These kiosks can be rented during fairs etc in the summer time. The poles support canvas awnings to give shelter from the sun.
 There were children playing in the paddling pool. The pool also has awnings in the summer months.
 Many of the parks and public places have BBQs for public use. You simply feed some coins into the meter and the gas becomes available for a period of time. What a great idea. Much better then dragging a BBQ out and about and waiting for it to cool before going home again, or buying those disposable trays I've seen in Britain.
 Here is the aviary again, it really is rather large.
 Before heading home I wandered along the board-walk and stopped at the lookout.
I wish my camera was a little better, try as I might I couldn't get it to zoom nicely onto the snow covered mountains.
It struck me as I wandered around that May in NZ is equivalent to November in Britain. Hmmm, it was 22 degs on Saturday, with barely a cloud in sight. Does that sound like November in Britain to you?
I love this country.


Diane-crewe said...

thanks for taking us with you on your walk x it is lovely to get an idea of where you are .. and NO.. it doesn't sound like November in the UK x

Janice said...

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday.....and a glorious day at that....unlike our Arctic conditions on the day. Funnily enough, we have been having lots of the sulphur crested cockatoos here over the last week. They tend to come and go, but we have over a hundred flocking around each morning at the moment. You should hear the racket they make.

Nicky said...

Gorgeous pics! I'm not sure how much longer it will be 22 degrees for.... it's got very chilly in the deep south this week... I am not looking forward to June and July...

Gari in AL said...

I guess by moving when you did you missed summer all together. But you seem to really be in a beautiful place. Love the birds.

Andie said...

OH MY GOSH!!! YOU ARE IN TIMARU!!!!!! Yes I'm shouting! I'm sorry I am just SO excited!! :D :D please message me :D