Monday, 21 June 2021

Progress is slow.

So I'm settling into my new shifts at work. Not really a huge change for me. I start two hours earlier and finish one hour later, I often used to cover this shift for a colleague, so not a huge change really.  
I have also signed up to do some study to add another qualification to my list. And it will earn me a pay rise. 
A colleague had an app on her phone and was taking pictures for a project, look, she has cartooned me.
It's a very rare day that I see a photo of me that I like, the original of this one was ok, and the result is even better. Liza tells me there will be a whole wall of cartoon staff members and some of the residents too.
Thanks to a stinker of a headache last week I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. My Christmas ornament did make some great progress on Saturday and I hope to get back to it later this morning.
And now the stuff I can show.
Look my Batik hexies are growing.
I am very much enjoying this project and sometimes I intend to pick up my ornament but find myself holding this instead. LOL
Maybe I should move it away out of the room until I have completed  my ornament. LOL
Perhaps I'll add these two flowers on first.
The colours don't look bright enough in these pictures. It's a bit of a grey day here and not really very good for photos.
The hexies were pictured by the window, but my crochet blanket was spread out under the lights and looks a bit closer to it's real colours.
I'm down to the final balls of yarn now. One last ball of variegated greens then I'll add a solid blue border and edge treatment. Being 100% wool, it has kept me very cosy while I was working on it.
My final little piece of show and tell today is the completed background for an applique project.
The pattern for this piece calls for freezer paper, lots of freezer paper, which is ironed onto the background fabrics, before you cut and sew them. Drawing the shapes onto the freezer paper and using it as a template to cut all those bias edges and then stabilising them as I sewed them together made things very easy. 
The applique will not be as fast or easy. There are lots of wriggly edges.
But first I'm off to work on my Ornament. 



Karen S said...

The cartoon app looks like a lot of fun.
Good to see your hexies and your crochet growing.
Great to get the backing finished, too.

Julie said...

Hi Lou. I am rather in love with your Batik hexies & that crochet blanket is looking stunning - such great colours in it. 😊

Lin said...

Your hexies are looking fabulous and the blanket looks lovely and snuggly. xx

ButterZ said...

Lovely work. Good luck with the new hours.
Here is an easy crochet pattern to try. It is great for using all your scraps.

ButterZ said...

This is a better tutorial.

R's Rue said...

I need to try the cartoon app. Have a beautiful day.

Janice said...

A little bit if progress on each project does add up. They are all moving forward. The cartoon app does a great job.

kiwikid said...

Great cartoon photo of you, loving your batik hexies and your crochet blanket.

Barwitzki said...

Your hexies are great ... and if one or two are left ... I always think such a great coaster for water or a wine glass :-) The crochet blanket is great ... great projects in progress with you. Good luck and success with the applique project..
Greetings to you ... and success at work... Yes :-) photo :-)))