Friday, 11 June 2021

Still Hexed

My two days off were wonderful. I did minimal chores, went out to lunch with Tony and sewed!
I have finished May's Christmas ornament and will make a start on June today. Yay! I feel like I'm all caught up.
It's not all been about ornies though. I went along to the local Patchwork and Quilting club on Wednesday evening. It was a very quiet evening, with lots of members choosing to stay away for various reasons. I had been invited by a friend Angela. She said to bring along a project. So I opted to take along some hexies.
The lady sat next to me had never seen EPP before and asked what I was doing, so I put on a quick demonstration showing how to glue baste the pieces and made the wee red shape you see here. 
Angela joked that at the speed I work, it might be my show and tell next month! LOL
I'm not that fast and besides, this will be a long term project.
They are smaller than the batik hexies I showed last week, and they are to be a scrap project. No pretty flower garden design, just random scraps all sewn together.
I may even hop back onto the RSC wagon.
Or maybe not.....
Another project that is progressing quietly in the background is my latest crochet creation.
I pick it up and try to work at least 15 minutes a day. 
I'll spread it all out on the floor soon and take a good picture, but for now here is one I snapped quickly after I put it down at bed time last night.
All of the yarns in this one are variegated.
It was supposed to be an exercise in just using what I had.
But I ended up buying more.
Well that is my news.
Now I'm off to prepare for my next ornie. I have some cutting to do and I'll need to go shopping for thread as I am running low. 



kiwikid said...

Great hexies and your blanket looks lovely.

Janice said...

It didn’t take you long to catch up, once you put your mind to it. Go you! How good to join a local quilt group, something I still haven’t done. Have fun playing with all your current projects.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Those hexies are pretty. and how sweet of you to do a quick tutorial for them - Maybe you made a convert ;-)

Lin said...

So did you inspire your neighbour to take up hexxie making? Nice to have a scrap project to work on in the background and also your blanket is such pretty colours. xx

Karen S said...

That is lovely to go to a club and be able to share your skill and knowledge.

Ondrea said...

Lol I always end up having to buy more yarn or fabrics when I plan to only use what I had.....apart from when we had the big lockdown last year. The crochet looks lovely and would be a nice relaxing pass time when not stitching.

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG.......demonstrations...sounding like a true professional