Sunday 19 March 2023

Life is still getting in the way....

 I have managed to do a little sewing, all of the secret variety!

So I'll have to share some different pictures instead.
A new to me recipe.
Spicy Tomato Chutney
With apples and sultanas. The apples turn to mush and the sultanas plump up.
It's a very sweet and spicy chutney.
Which looks very dark in the jar.
Hmm, no matter what I try, blogger wants this photo this way round. 
The nights are longer and cooler and we have had some cooler days, but mostly we still have warm days so the chilli are still ripening out in the greenhouse.
Here you see a mixture of long wild fire chilli and the round Habanero.
Tony has requested another batch of Evil Chilli Chutney with this lot.
The Carolina Reapers are still very green.
At $120.00 per kilogram in the super market I wouldn't be making this one if we didn't grow our own chilli. Each batch takes 600 grams.
I've made a start on our winter garden.  There have been supply issues with seedlings at our usual outlets, so we purchased online. Our seedlings were couriered overnight from Christchurch. A two hour drive up the road, and look at what was delivered.
The box was clearly marked as fragile and had a big this way up arrow.
We ordered 6 each of broccoli and cauliflower, they were all mixed up with the two punnets of baby beets. Three of the broccoli and/or cauliflower are broken the rest seem to have survived once I got them back in to their punnets. The beets I put straight in to the garden, about half of them seem to have survived, the rest have given up. Lots of photos were sent to NZ Courier post and also the suppliers. Neither party has responded yet. I'm not a happy gardener.
And just to prove that I have done some sewing.
I have just over an hour before I have to think about work, so I'm off to do some more secret stuff. 
I hope you all had a great week and a better weekend.
Did you celebrate St Patricks day?


ButterZ said...

You have had fun with those chillies. I would be emailing those companies with a complaint everyday until I had a reply. That service is t good enough. Mmmmm surprise stitching

Mystic Quilter said...

So your winter meals will have a hot, tasty addition! Not a good look from NZ Courier Post at all, hopefully you'll hear back from them soon.

Jeanette said...

The chutney looks yummy. How annoying about your box of seedlings. I hope you hear back about from the parties involved.

Raewyn said...

Damn about the couriered seedlings, I hope someone responds to your emails.... I had my ('baby') chickens come up to the house recently and pull the seedlings out of the punnets - which I had just unloaed from the car and onto the concrete --grrrr!! The chutney sounds delicious. Your greenhouse is really paying its way.

kiwikid said...

Your chutney looks good, wow the chillis are expensive!! Very disappointing delivery of your seedlings.

Jennifer said...

Shame about your plants.....looks like the box was dropped upside down.

Jenny said...

That's terrible service on the delivery, not good enough at all, I do hope you get some satisfaction. Hopefully the plants will bounce back, but that's not really the issue, is it. You are a wonder in the kitchen, more chutney on the go. My daughter has been sending pics of her bottling time over the weekend too.

Pink Rose said...

Hi Loulee ,how disappointing that your plants turned up like that ,it’s not good enough ,I hope you hear from one of them soon.
Oh wow that’s exspensive chilli,your hubby is lucky that you are making this for him. Can’t wait to see your secret sewing,hope you have a lovely day 🌹🤍🌹

Julie said...

Your tomato chutney looks so delicious Lou. Gosh I hope you get some satisfaction from the Courier company - that is inexcusable how the seedlings arrived to you. I have been getting some winter veggie plants ready to put in too ... I had to give my raised beds a good feed first. Wishing you a good week 😊

Ondrea said...

All this food talk and pics is making me hungry! Oooo secret sewing sounds intrguing.

Karen's Korner said...

How disappointing about the condition your plants arrived. That looks like slippery fabric under the needle.

Barwitzki said...

Ahhh.... so exciting... have fun sewing the secrets :-))
I wish you a happy week. A hug from Viola

jude's page said...

Disappointing about your parcel delivery. And you can have all those chillis, not on my list of things to eat. I'm bland and boring!! And perhaps I better get busy on some secret stitching too, time is running short!

Janice said...

Life is definitely keeping you busy at the moment