Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I didn't get back to my shocking pink cross stitch yet, hopefully I'll get it completed tonight. Instead today I've been making bags! I've used the last of my strawberry lemonade blocks and produced two bags this morning. I've backed them with some blue and lined them with white.
They both have an inner pocket too. No fancy applique or embroidered patches on these two, I think the fronts have enough pattern of their own.
All I have left of the Strawberry lemonade fabrics now are a few of the jelly slices, I've put them into my scrap box.
I may give one of these to my sister in law, it's her birthday on Wednesday, the other I'll ask a friend of mine to put on her stall at the Saturday market, test the water and see what happens.
I don't know what will happen next, I'm all out of inspiration at the moment, or maybe I'm spoiled for choice.
1) 2 Quick Finishes
2) A sunny day
3) Good music for company.


Miss 376 said...

I am sure your sister in law will love one of these, they are beautiful. Be interesting to see what happens to the one that goes to market

sewkalico said...

Very cute bags! I think they will be popular.

Ginnie said...

You are so good at making bags... I love the bright colours.

Torina said...

Love those fabrics. I love tote bags. They are so fun!