Monday, 26 January 2009


Hunney and I went out together yesterday, something we don't often manage to do, unless it's the grocery shopping! We actually managed to do some 'other' shopping. He has three new shirts for 'Business Casual days' at work and a new T shirt.
I treated myself to a new bag. I found this beauty in our local fair trade shop. It's made from recycled sari material.
There were several different colours, but the turquoise caught me eye, so that's what I grabbed.
I may have to steal the design and make myself another. It's a great size, just big enough to hold my keys, cell phones and a money purse. I also got new jeans and some new boots.
My little chef Joe was with us, he got a new game and a new shirt too.
I grabbed another 100% cotton flat sheet to use as backing on something and a cotton duvet cover with pretty pink rose buds on, they both came from the hospice shop next door. No pic yet, they are currently going round and round in the washing machine.
It was a good day.
Hunney and I just went online and bought a rowing machine, so on rainy days I'll be able to hop on that and burn a few calories instead of causing earthquakes dancing around in front of the TV. Another thing we bought yesterday is a full length mirror! I haven't looked in one of those for over a year! EEK! OMG did I get a shock, I've watched the numbers get bigger on the scales, but to actually see the results.........I think I'll put myself of a veggie soup diet! LOL Don't worry, I'm not that daft. I do want to exercise more though.
I've done a grand total of zero stitches! And it doesn't look like I'll get much of a chance today, the ironing pile is looking at me, I really need to vacuum and my sewing table looks like a tornado went through! I need to find some more storage for my sewing stuff, that would help considerably.
I'm off to get busy.
1) I go off call at 8am tomorrow.
2) Tomorrow I'll have time to sew.
3) A day out with Hunney.


sewkalico said...

Your post made me think how little DH and I do things just because. There seem to be far too many day to day other things that get in the way :-(
Glad you had a nice time.

Julia said...

I see the start of a great chef there..
Wonderful to see..
that's how my Joe started..
Tell little Joe if that's what he wants to do in life to go for it..

Julia ♥