Thursday, 15 January 2009


I've been and done and had my day at the Onchan office! I went shopping too.
I remembered Bond a web.
I bought stabiliser.
I even bought some red!
Only one piece though, but it is a very big piece.
Well big to me anyway.
They had a table set up with lots of end of bolt almost bargains! So I snapped up this piece of red.

A piece of off white, it does have a kind of mottled pattern to it and the selvage says Makower, thats all I can say about that, except that it's good to have some creamy white handy, especially at the rate I'm using it up on stitchery at the moment! LOL
This delightful deck chair wannabe isn't actually cotton, but I thought it would make a cheerful shopper. I see applique buckets and spades on this.
I also had a look through the fat quarter baskets and these three spoke to me,
I was headed back to the sale table, there was a piece of batik, but at £12 + and I still hadn't sorted out the bond a web.......
I was a good girl. Besides, I'll be getting more tomorrow from the online shop.
Aside from my shopping spree, my day at the office was interrupted by necessary maintenance on the IT network, so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, just when I was getting fed up and thinking of calling it quits, they let us know they were done! Boss said I could slope off early anyway as I had stayed late last week. :-)
So here I am, home an hour earlier than expected. What to do?
It's persisting down, or I'd be out walking right now. Instead I'll put my exercise DVD on and scare the neighbours! Haha.
1) An early finish
2) Got new stash to stroke
3) Will be getting more stash!


Ginnie said...

You got some lovely stuff there....

Ikle.Kaiy said...

RED.... POLKADOT.... MINE lol my fave colour and pattern in the whole wide world, together.... WOW!!! thanx mum knew ye loved me:D *giggles and pegs it befor she gets a thick ear*

Stephanie said...

Love the earth-tone floral. Lots of pretty fabrics.

Ali Honey said...

You shopped well - some lovely finds there.

I sometimes walk in the rain withan umbrella - but it is much warmer here - guess that helps.

Thanks for your kind comment.

Miss 376 said...

You've done well for yourself, love the one with the flowers and butterflies

Lurline said...

Lots of retail therapy there!
Hugs - Lurline♥

sewkalico said...

Got to love a bit of fabric shopping!!!