Sunday, 18 January 2009

Still no knots!

I still didn't tackle those French Knots! Maybe this evening. While I was digging through my scraps box for bits of red I came across these blue squares and a vague idea formed, well it got this far. Not sure where it's going next, maybe I'll add some of those Spring squares and produce some more of these blocks, maybe join them all together and add a huge applique flower? What do you think.
Speaking of red scraps, it seems I've actually got quite a bit of red and was able to make a start on Red Delicious yesterday before going to work. It feels very heavy to me, I wonder if that is something to do with the light quick stitchery I've been doing.
I plan to do all the blanket stitch by hand, I'm really enjoying having something to play with.
We're off out soon, DS Joe has a Christmas voucher burning a hole in his pocket and I need to go get a new over the shoulder boulder holder!
1) A day off with Hunney
2) The grocery shop is done
3) Another dry day.


Miss 376 said...

Red delicious is going to be stunning

Stephanie said...

How fun to see the various BOMs taking shape on all the blogs. I really like the idea of a big flower in the center of your squares. January is a great time to start spring projects.

Stina said...

Ahmmm...are you avoiding them doing other things instead...;o) have to make them... btw...the other stuf is looking great!! :o)

Torina said...

Love that red project! Very pretty. And those squares look very fun. I love colorful blocks!

sewkalico said...

Looks like you've got 2 nice projects happening there! Like the idea of the applique flower.

jannimary said...

Red Delicious is looking great and your bright blocks must be nice and cheerful to work on in the depth of winter. With the French Knots - dive in - they're easy once you've had a go. Good luck.