Thursday, 8 January 2009


Is it possible to be jet lagged even though I travelled less than 50 miles from home?
The fact that I got up at 4.30 am probably does not help.
I had to leave the island on the 'red eye' flight at 7am this morning in order to attend a meeting in England. I flew to Liverpool and taxied to Warrington. Then after the meeting it was back to the airport for the 17.30 flight. I seem to have spent a great deal of today trying to find things to do. I wasted time in Liverpool airport at both arrival and departure, because it was better than sitting around at the regional office with nothing to do! I took my new book with me, Kate Mosse 'Sepulchre' and made some serious inroads on it. (I have also read another of her books. 'Labyrinth') I had subway for breakfast! Yummy, what a treat. Although I landed at 7.45 my taxi didn't collect me until 9am, or I would have been waiting on the door step of the office for others to arrive or else stuck in traffic for an age! I had nearly 3 hours to waste on my return to the airport.
Not fun, no way, not fun!
Mind you I did get to share a bench with Ricky Tomlinson for a while! He was surrounded by his family and a larger than life Grandson and was left totally alone, no one bothering him for a photo or an autograph. That was nice.
I have more of these to come! Early starts and long days that is. I answer to three different bosses and two of them would like me to travel to regional more often, both for training purposes! One wants to train me and the other wants to coordinate me in my coordination role! LOL
Enough of that?
Get on with the sewing?
I went poking about last night after my second post yesterday, sorted out my reds, there's not many, for Red Delicious, printed out patterns and got all excited and into it, then realised I have very little Bond-a-web, and what I do have is passed it's best, it's peeled off the backing and really not fit to use.
Soooooooo, I decided to get on with another BOM instead. Hmmm, I really need to find a good storage system, maybe another little chest of drawers. I'll need to be sweet to Hunney.
Capricorn Quilts is offering 'Once Upon A Time' as a BOM, so I downloaded that and cut the first block. (Unlike Country Calendar the blocks are not all the same size so I can't precut.) Then I got on with stitching and here's how far I got.

Now you all know how good I am at french Knots, so no questions about the changes to the roof design please. DD agreed with me that the changes look suitably artistic though. This one is pretty mysterious, in that I don't have much of an idea about what the other blocks are shaped like or indeed what other fabrics I'll include. You ladies are really leading me astray! A few years, no! A year ago I would never have believed that I could happily join in on a mystery. Or a BOM for that matter and here I am gathering patterns for 4-5? Hmm, time I counted up I think! LOL
1) Country Calendar - Ellies Quiltplace
2) Red Delicious - Esther's Blog
3) Once Upon an Time - Capricorn Quilts
4) Verandah Views Willowberry Designs
5) BOM 2009 Legacy of Stitches
6) A Christmas Wish - Gail Pan Designs.

Six! I'm collecting Six of them? I'd better be really sweet to my Hunney! LOL
Now, there is no saying I'll keep up with and complete all five, but it's nice to dream. Though I must say I'm enjoying working on these stitcheries, they are so easy and fast.
No stitching or sewing today or this evening, I think I deserve an early night, so when I finish this rather stiff drink I'm off to bed.

1) My Hunney.
2) Free BOMs
3) DD pours a stiff drink
4) BED! Goodnight.


Miss 376 said...

Think anyone would be drained after a day like that. Looking forward to all these BOM, they look fun

Lorraine said...

.....and don't forget Anne from Bunny Hill designs has a cute BOM going as well.....pop on over there for a look....the first one is a cute snowman in a basket....the more the merrier I say...LOL

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I can't wait to see your progress...You've chosen some lovely BOMs to follow.

anne bebbington said...

I reckon it's perfectly possible to feel jetlagged after any day which involves travelling, airports and waiting around - it's mainly the recycled air that does it

Sandi said...

Why, you sweetie, to list my blog on your blog is just too cool. I am loving the blogging thing and glad that my days of office work are behind me. Sorry yours keep you from the sewing machine. Glad you are adding my BOM to your list of "to do's"!!

Bea said...

Thanks for posting my "Once Upon A Time..." BOM! Your roof is beautiful! Hugs Bea