Monday, 19 January 2009

With Knots

Having watched a fantastic demonstration on YouTube I finally mastered French knots and was able to add them to my stitchery.
Verandah Views, Under the willow now has berries.
Needless to say, I didn't stick to the listed colours, preferring to once again dig about in my box and choose what seemed right.

A Christmas Wish, designed by Gail Pan also has it's golden berries.

And, in the course of explaining to my DD how important it is that she add her name and copyrite to her photos and art work I taught myself how to add my own name, to my own pics. Cool huh?
Now I just need to keep on stitching, lots and lots of practice will make my sewing much neater and my French Knots much easier.
First i have to Blanket Stitch Red Delicious.
Gratitude's (My second lot today)
1) Another new skill.
2) DS Joe made lunch
3) All the ironing is done.


Ginnie said...

Great french knots.... I always struggled until my friend showed me how. Now I don't enjoy doing them but do at least give them a go!!

quiltygal said...

congrats now you have mastered the French Knot nothing will faze you!!!

Torina said...

French knots have always challenged me, too! I should check out that Youtube video. Some days I can do them but most days I can't...

jannimary said...

Well done. You'll power along now.

Julia said...

looks great Loulee.
You can do so much with French Knots...I love doing them in embroideries..
Julia ♥

Karen said...


Rose Marie said...

You're doing great on the stitcheries and isn't it great to master a technique? I have to get started on my stitching ... I'm way behind.