Thursday, 20 August 2009

I slept!

I slept and slept and slept and slept! I didn't wake up until 08.58! OMG! It's a while since that happened. I feel good but I'm just hoping this doesn't mean I won't sleep tonight before my flight to Birmingham.
Only One More Sleep! YIPPEE!

Can you tell I'm excited.
I had a little flurry of productivity last night, when I got in from work and for a short while after dinner. I finished the two pears. I left off the stalk and leaf, preferring instead to add a hanging loop.
I have seen other tutorials out there and plan to keep playing about, if I make any drastic changes or in the unlikely event that I come up with something new and startling I'll let you know.
In case you hadn't guessed they are hanging on my Red Butterfly quilt at the moment, it just seemed like a good place with plenty of natural light for the photo shoot. LOL
Also last night I completed the bag I mentioned in my last post.
It has lots and lots of pockets inside and is intended as a baby bag, I'll pop a few items inside before I hand it over. I'm not planning on making them though, just buying a tub of baby talc, some baby bath soak, stuff like that. It's purposely non gender, Mum has said she wants to find out the old fashioned way. ;-) So I'll make something else after baby arrives. Who is it for? One of Hunneys colleagues is tickled to bits cause he's gonna be a Daddy.
Getting up close and personal with my Red Butterflies as I hung the pears this morning reminded me that I wanted to make another version of that one. I think I'll play in my scraps box today.
1) One More Sleep.
2) Some finishes.
3) The NZ spotlight in Aus P&Q mag.


jannimary said...

Have a wonderful time in Birmingham. It should be wonderful. Your sewing looks great - as always. The new mum should be delighted with her gift.

Stephanie said...

Love the pears and what a sweet bag.

Karen said...

Pears are turning up everywhere. I am seeing more versions of pears than I could think of. I need to make the wool one that I have a pattern for.

Miss 376 said...

Those pears are lovely, can imagine a couple of those hanging on my bed. I am sure "mum" will love her new bag

Juliejaz said...

Hi! I saw your comment over at Tazzies blog. I don't know why comments aren't working on my blog. I shall look into the reason. I've never visited your blog before. I can tell I will be busy reading as I catch up with the going ons here.

I had just enough of the fabric that has the Chinese/Japanese writing. It was close, but it worked out. Thanks for the swap offer.

Love the new patch quilt, the butterfly one underneath is gorgeous too. I've been tossing around the bag idea from Moda. Yours turned out so pretty.

Allie said...

Yay for a good night's sleep! Love your pear, the embroidery is so sweet - and I love the bag too! That's on my list.
I hope you can sleep tonight - you're going to need it!