Saturday, 1 August 2009

The postman has been busy.

My postie has had a busy couple of days and I've had plenty of bedtime reading. My two subscriptions have arrived, yes I know they seem late, but they had a long journey to get to me! I'm loving Homespun, The Christmas Issue. Especially that quilt featured on the cover, I'm going to have to do some serious fabric shopping while I'm in Birmingham. The gift bags are beautiful too. In fact it's full of lots of beautiful ideas and inspiration.
On the same day, the postie also brought my Aussie P&Q. Which is also packed with lots of beautiful ideas and once again the cover quilt reached out and grabbed me, I can see that in blues and yellows. Yummy.
Both magazines are well thumbed already and I'm sure I'll be back into them again before they go onto the shelf to await their turn in the ever growing list of 'I want to do that'.
Yesterday, while I was having the shift from hell at work, more treasure arrived, you may remember last week I was led astray and lost control of my clicky finger and before I knew it two books were on their way. Neither one is quite what I expected, but both well worth having. Sew Fabulous Fabric is what I went in search of.

I've seen many of the projects in other books, but lots were new to me. And I wouldn't be me if the bag patterns didn't grab me. This one in particular! There are others too, which I'm sure will get a turn to get the Loulee treatment.
If you like the 'Sew Pretty' books, then you'll like this one.
The second book I ordered was just on a whim, because I was at Amazon and it was there....... You know how it works.
I'm not sure what I expected in this book. It's a great book for me, I'm only just re discovering embroidery having not done any since I was very young.

There are some patterns and projects included in the book as well as a good beginners guide to getting going and a stitch library.
All beautifully illustrated with some doodle stitching. The author encourages you to trace and stitch your own doodles. I'm not a doodler, I'd have to set out to actually draw something, but one of my colleagues is and I can see possibilities in some of her scribblings, maybe I should leave her in charge of the phone more often! The reader is also encouraged to use any free clip art out there and other sources for inspiration. I have to say, this book in conjunction with my recent discovery of this designer has certainly whet my appetite for more embroidery. Now I just need to find threads which are good enough to eat.
I really ought to get on with the day. If I do some of my homework now, while it is quiet, I won't feel guilty later if I find time to sew.
1) 4 days.
2) 20 days.
3) 84 days.

and counting.....................................................


Miss 376 said...

I can imagine a happy couple of hours looking through those. Look forward to seeing which of the projects you do

Cardygirl said...

Looks like a lot of lovely reading at your the books...enjoy!

Allie said...

What great reading material - I love that Doodle Stitching one, I checked it out from our library awhile back. Enjoy!

AnnieO said...

I love books of all kinds and quilty ones are the best! My quilt mags always get read many times---like you, I imagine my fave patterns in my fave colors :) Only 84 days left! You must be getting giddy with anticipation!

Gina E. said...

For some reason, Australian patchwork and quilting mags are popular all over the crafting world, as well as at home. They really are lovely, and I enjoy them too, but only buy them at thrift shops when there is something that I think I'd like to make one day. If I bought all the magazines I actually read (from the library, or my friends), I'd need another house to store them!