Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Some people were having problems seeing me, and I notice that in some of your reading lists I appeared not to have posted for some time, 5 weeks!!
I've gone unprivate, I think my unwanted guest may have got the message by now.
I'll give it a while and see what happens, if he leaves me alone I'll stay open.
1) Warm weather
2) It's office day
3) New fabrics to play with.


Lynda said...

Glad you're feeling confident enough to be back in the open. Good luck.

Cardygirl said...

Lovely to see you back...whilst I kept up with you it was a little harder with you hidden! Nice to see what you are doing!

Lorraine said...

good luck.....nice to have you back out in the open! Hope the unwanted "guest" doesn't make a reappearance....!

Ali Honey said...

You're so right - I have missed several of your posts.

I have made a quilt with the denim circles ( bigger than yours )and a quilt with the raw edge flower shapes. Great minds think alike eh.

It's colder than usual here in NZ this Winter. ( should be warmer in 115 days. )

Libby said...

*ahhhh* There you are *s*

sewkalico said...

Oh goodie! Because I missed loads of posts I see!

AnnieO said...

"Oh, bother", Pooh says, swishing at a bee buzzing around his honey pot.

Hope he stays away, the pest!

Ann J said...

Exactly the problem I wrote about Lou!! I do know what you mean about unwanted visitors(!) but they get the message eventually, so I hope you'll be ready to go 'public' soon..Luv AJ