Friday, 8 February 2019

Three project updates!

As you know, I didn't get my slow stitching Sunday.
That had to wait until Wednesday. Yes, I know, Tuesday is also my day off work but, as Tony had some hours owing to him at work, he took Tuesday as a day off and we went out for the day. We drove to Ashburton, just an hour up the road. We had lunch and a look around the town and shops. Sorry, no pics. There are, as you know stitchy shops in Ashburton, but I opted not to visit them, I'll save that for a day out with the girls.
Wednesday was Waitangi Day, so Tony had another day off. We spent the day quietly at home, doing our own things.
In the morning I prepared Block Two of 'Down in the Garden'. 
The instructions in block two had me fussy cutting the yellow feature fabric for the whole quilt top. So that is done. Then as I was constructing the block I discovered that I had made a mistake while cutting the quilters muslin last month and my piece for this month was too small!! Uh oh!
There were two pieces required the same size, the other one is also too small!
Fortunately I had an off cut that I could trim to size, but will need to purchase more before I get to the next butterfly block. (There were a few choice words!!!)
So after that wee drama the block is now all ready for me to commence the embroidery. There is more stitching to do on this block than there was in January, so I had better make a start soon. Tony happened to come into my room as I was tracing the designs and noted that life would be easier with a light box. He asked how much of this sort of work I do...?
So I showed him the next seven blocks and one or two other projects I plan to look at ......(I didn't mention when.....)
Before we sat down to lunch, he showed me a light box he had ordered for me!
What a sweetie.
After lunch and the morning dramas with fabric I really didn't feel like starting the embroidery so  I sat down with Spring Queen instead. M'Lady has grown.
And finally has an arm.
I'm hoping to sit with her for an hour before work today. But first I have things to do. 
And the third of the updates is my brothers blanket. It has also grown a little.
I sit in the evenings and hook away while we watch some tv. It's easy mindless stuff to do.
If I want to play with M'Lady, I had better move and do some domestics!
I have more extra shifts coming up so the slower crafty pace looks set to continue.


Janice said...

I'm glad it isn't just me that makes silly boo boos with blocks. It is so very frustrating. You will love the light box. Tony is a sweetie for arranging one for you. I bought one some years ago and it is the best thing. Mind you, the new LED ones are so very much better, as mine is quite large and chunky with a circular round flouro light in it. It's nice to see both your Spring Lady and the crochet rug progressing.

Karen S said...

There is a lot of preparation for each of these blocks but they do look great when it is done.
Enjoy your stitching when you get back to it.
Great idea to get a light box.

Maria said...

Sounds like a lovely few days spend with hubby and crafting.. How thoughtful of hubby to buy your light box..You'll love it...