Sunday, 21 November 2021

Zooming along.

So yesterday Chooky had another Zoom sew along.
These online get togethers really are fun and amid all the fun and chatter we also achieve quite a bit.
Some girls use their sewing machines, some do hand sewing, knitting or crochet, but we all make progress on one or more projects. And of course there is always show and tell along the way and some encouragement to try new things. Yesterday was no different. There was lots of progress and even a finish as Janice closed the binding on a beautiful quilt. 
I had some Lucy Boston blocks all prepared and ready to sew.
And spent most of the day here in my comfy armchair,
chatting with the ladies
While I put together six blocks
I think I shocked Chooky when I said that I put about 40 tiny little stitches into each inch long seam.
And there were some comments about how fast I sew too. LOL
I also, with help from Chooky finally made some decisions about how to finish my Lucy blocks and how many I will actually need! I've been dithering about that since before I started to sew them, so it's good to finally work it out and have a target to aim for. 
Tony was in charge of food and drinks, so I only left my chair to eat and to visit the little room. 
Thank you Chooky for getting us all organised and hosting another great Zoom along.
In other news, Sea Swept made it onto the quilting frame the other day and I made a start on the quilting.
But I didn't like it how it was going after I'd gotten about a quarter of it done.
So I stopped and ripped it out!
It didn't take as long as I feared it might. And I didn't have to take it off the frame.
Hopefully the holes left by the needle will settle and fade by the time I'm all done and ready to gift it.
Hmm, I don't have a photo, but the following day I restarted the quilting, it is now finished and awaiting some binding. I'm hoping to get that done today.
But I don't have all day as Torstein is coming for tea, and I like to have my needles and pins all put away before he arrives. 
He was helping his Daddy to have a clean up in the yard last week.
That's all my news, I'm off to play.
Hope you're having a great weekend. 


Jeanette said...

Lovely day yesterday & i think you surprised us all with your stitches. I'll have to count mine when i next do my EPP. :) Hugs, xx

marina said...

Your lucy boston blocks are gorgeous, blue is my favourite colour
love your seaswept quilt. It's amazing.

swooze said...

These are a treat! Glad I got to see them in zoom show and tell!

Lin said...

Your Lucy blocks are lovely. Shame you had some unstitching to do but better to get it right. xx

jude's page said...

And some just sit and listen and are not productive at all!! And 40 stitches is just hard to get my head around also, how can you fit them in that space??

Maria said...

Always love joining in to Chooky Zoom GTGs.
Wow ! 6 Lucy blocks Lou you sure are a fast stitcher especially because you put so many in an inch. 😁
Shame you had to rip out your quilting on Seaswept….

ButterZ said...

You are doing well with Lucy. Wonderful job getting Sea Swept requilted. Bummer about the unpicking though

Denice Barker said...

Yes, Lucy is beautiful and blue is my color, too, but 40 stitches per inch? You win the prize!!
I was sorry to miss the zoom gathering and hope for next time.

Janice said...

It was great to catch up on Saturday. I can’t believe you completed 6 blocks. How many more do you need? The colours are working so well together. Boy, Torstein is growing quickly. It seems only yesterday he was born.