Sunday, 28 November 2021

This 'n' That.

I've been a little quiet again. Sorry, busy with studies and some secret stuff.
But that changed yesterday, I had a lovely day playing with fabrics making yet more masks.
Where I work, there lives a gentleman who is in his sixties, and he is visited every week by his Mum who is in her late eighties. I watched her the other day struggling with one of those paper masks. She was laughing and being very lovely about it then explained, what with her earrings, specs and hearing aids, it's difficult to get them to settle into place, and when they do they hurt her ears. I showed her one of my masks, with elastic that goes right around the back of my head. My colleague who was there also showed off one of my masks and said how comfortable she finds them.
I promised to make some for my residents mum.
And here they are.
I figured I may as well make a few, so made some more for Tony.
He does like his planes.
Then I made two for me. I've had this fabric for a few weeks, it came in a bundle I couldn't really see properly on the internet, but there were blues in it that I wanted for my Lucy Boston quilt.
When I discovered these two I just knew I had to make myself some masks with them.
And I also knew they had to be fussy cut.
To show off those beautiful designs.
I've already had some lovely comments and a request to make more.
And that's after just one shift.
While I was busy in my wee room, I prepared the binding for Sea Swept.
Here it is awaiting my attention today.
Next job was to swap out the quilt hanging in my hallway.
I made Floral Delight as a donation quilt, then decided to hang it for a while, as I really do love it.
The fund raisers at work are preparing for the next raffle, so it is time to say good bye.
I decided to pop Summer Berries up for a while.
Neither quilt has a proper hanging sleeve. I have some strips of fabric that I use just for temporary hanging. The edges are all finished and I just pin them into place and they work just fine.
Speaking of donation quilts, I was on my weekly visit to the op shop and found more supplies for the next one. Not quite the fantastic haul I found last time.
But that's all good, $6 for just over 1.5 meters worth of fabric. 
A quick tidy up and into the stash it goes.
I did think I might do something a little more masculine next time, but maybe it will be florals again.
Today I plan to get the binding sewn on to Sea Swept and hopefully get it all closed up before I head in to work at 3 pm.
If I have time, I'll hunt out a project to start or continue for a half hour or so each morning before settling to my studies. 
The studies are going well, I have only 6 units left to complete out of the seventeen I started with. Then stage one will be complete. Stage two will take much longer. But there are only half as many units to complete. 
I'm off to enjoy my Sunday morning.
I hope you're all having a great weekend.


Fiona said...

Lots to keep you busy... love your fussy cut masks....Floral Delight is lovely - I would have trouble saying bye to it too!

ButterZ said...

Great job on your masks. They look great. Now to plan that next quilt.

Ondrea said...

Can't wait to see your SS quilt finished. I love your fussy cut masks. The paper ones are fiddly and I need to tie nots in the elastic to fit. However, my dr advised me to use them instead of fabric ones I had bought and worn. Who knows? Yours look a good fit.

Julie said...

I just love the way you have fussy cut those masks Lou - they turned out so great. Gosh you sure do keep busy with your quilts - a good op shop haul there for $6.00 !!

Janice said...

Great masks! It’s nice to have a change on your quilt “gallery” wall. It will a great achievement to have the first section of your course completed.

jude's page said...

Your fussy cut masks look great, and nice to see the donation quilts hanging for ahwile for you to enjoy before they go.

Janet O. said...

Very kind of you to make masks for the visiting Mum. And your fussy cut masks are stunning!
Looking forward to seeing your Sea Swept finish.
Floral Delight is a very pleasing quilt.
Oh, you made another nice haul at the op shop. I haven't had a good fabric find at such a shop in many years.

kiwikid said...

I bet the visiting Mum will be super happy with her masks you make her. Love your fussy cut masks. Lovely to see your quilts hanging. Good haul from the op shop.

dq said...

Oh man, sure wish we didn't need masks still. They look like a good fit!