Monday 30 January 2023

This n' that.

On Saturday I zoomed with Chooky and the girls. It was a quiet day, with just a few of us on and as you see not everyone was sewing. Deanna was preparing chowder and bread rolls for a meal. Yum!
I did not pull out my designated Zoom UFO! I was so close to getting Grogu completed that I opted to stick with him.
And here he is in his pram/pod/transporter thingy.
What a cute and happy wee face he has.
I found the pattern on Etsy, an instant PDF download
And at a very reasonable price.
As I mentioned in my last post, I have covered the back with a piece of black felt.
So he is all ready to hang on the wall.
The recipients live in Auckland, so I might just hang on for a week or so before I mail him and let things dry out a little. 
While we were sewing and chatting, poor Tony was sick on the couch. He tested positive for the dreaded virus. Nurse Belle looked after him, as you can see.
Sunday was an extra shift at work for me. Yes, even though Tony has the virus I must still go to work, with the most vulnerable people in our community!
I test every day and wear a mask. I also wash my hands way more often than I need to.
I'm hoping like heck that I do catch it from Tony as I don't want to be that Tiny statistic we were discussing during zoom. 
The one who can't go to Scrub Stitchin' at the last minute because of.......
I digressed! 
So, Sunday was pretty much a day of research, I was hunting for a particular pattern, which I have now found and have ordered. No peeks, it's a secret.
Today I took the time to hunt through my thread collection, looking for just the right grey to repair the mouse cross stitch. As I mentioned, it was completed many years ago but I had used the wrong thread in a couple of places.
Spot the difference?
If memory serves, this was a madeira kit, so uses madeira threads.  Well I have DMC threads, but was able to find one that is very close. In real life and very up close and personal it is a little on the blue side. But I'm happy with it. The mice look the way they should. Now to find a frame.
Oh and one last thing.
The plums became jam.
Well most of them did, I kept a few for eating. 
That's my news.
I have an early start at work today. We have a deaf blind gentleman coming to live with us, so I need to learn some NZ sign language. I've already had a crash course, more to come today. 


Jennifer said...

Oh no - poor Tony, hope he recovers soon and that you don't succumb! You're right, the grey thread on your little mouse looks better than black. My plum-jam-making grandmother would sometimes use some of the jam as a pie filling, it was delicious.

kiwikid said...

Your little stitched Yoda is super cute! Good idea to hang on to him until the dry happens in Auckland. Great lot of plum jam there, the birds ate all our plums.

ButterZ said...

Wishing Tony to get well quickly. Happy stitching. Yes, the change in colour improved your mouse. Good job with the jam.

Lin said...

I do hope that Tony doesn't get it too bad and that you are able to stay clear. Nice work on finishing your funny little groghe thing I have no idea what these are!) and what a difference the change of thread makes to your mice! xx

Christine B said...

Oh dear! I hope that Tony is well again soon. Grogu is fabulous and the mice look better for the change of thread. You must be pleased with both projects. Christine xx

Denice Barker said...

You 've had a busy weekend and yes, you must stay healthy for SS !! I don't think I've ever had plum jam.

Raewyn said...

I hope Tony gets better soon - and maybe it would be a good thing to get a dose of the dreaded C so that you are 'safe' for Scrub Stitching?! The wee Yoda is extra cute. I made a bit of plum jam - it was a good plum year for us but I lost quite a few to the birds and possums.

Jenny said...

I do hop Tony recovers soon and only has a mild dose, if there is such a thing. And fingers crossed that you dont get it either. So far we have both managed to stay clear of the dreaded virus, but we had a big day out yesterday on a coach and boat filled with crowds of tourists, so who knows? Your plum jam looks delicious.

Fiona said...

Oh dear... hope Tony only is mildly ill.... Grogu is lovely and great way to finish it off....

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Grogu is so cute! I love your mice and no I cant spot the difference :) Hope Tony gets better soon xx

Maria said...

Do hope Tony is feeling a lot better.
Sometimes the Zoom times just don’t work with me. 🥲
Grogu is cute.

Janice said...

Sending well wishes to Tony. I hope he’s back on his feet soon. Both you cross stitch projects look great. The grey does improve the meeces. It was nice to catch up on Zoom the other day. Good luck with the sign language.

Deb said...

you have a very tough job both at home and in the work force I am so glad that you have something to look forward too in your stitching as well as the zooms! I saw the notice too late and missed it.

I absolutely love plum jam oh my have not had it in eons!!! enjoy

and there is nothing different in your wee mouse I think you have success ont he right gray!

Please send your honey some healing love and i hope that you are safe so that you can go to the retreat...

Susan said...

I hope you are still Covid free!

I see the mouse on the right has had some facial surgery and looks mich better for it!

dq said...

Yummy Yummy jams so nice and pretty in their bottles!
So true, we can't possible get sick around scrub stitching time - too much involved in getting there. Sorry Tony got it though. Glad he is on the mend and glad you are staying well (so far).

It was a fun zoom night. I haven't sewn since though. Thanks for the visit.

Chookyblue...... said...

I was pretty crashed out with it also.......glad Tony is ok now........
the jam looks great and I cannot spot the difference in the mice sorry.........but glad it is done.......zoom was a small group but it was great.......