Sunday, 11 January 2009

Creative Genius

I have done a little stitching, but no so it's worth taking a photo.
Instead I'll show you my sons creativity. What do you do with all the candy canes left on the tree? He did several of these, but sadly this was the only photo he took which wasn't blurred.
There were several trees all decorated with toffees, and may other blurry objects I just couldn't guess at!
As I said, I've done a tiny amount of stitching on my Once Upon a Time Stitchery and that's about it really. No time to stitch today, I have to do the ironing.
Take care.

1) A late shift.
2) I'm home with Hunney
3) All the kids were home last night.


HMH said...

What a great design for the candy canes. Well done to your son.

Ikle.Kaiy said...

go mum go mum go joe jo joe.... lol jus a wonder mum if that looks better on my blog... started fresh then noone will get confused.