Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Just what I don't need!

Did I say the storms had passed?
Well I was wrong! It blew and poured all night long and I spent most of the night listening to it.
Our bathroom was decidedly wet this morning! And when I got in from work this afternoon and peeped out of the skylight, here's why!

It's running down the timbers and getting just a little too close to the electrics for my liking!
Hunney left a message for the landlord this morning, but so far.....silence.
That aside, on to happier things.
I sat yesterday and did a little more work on my applique Red Delicious block, but the more time I spent with it, the less I liked it. So I set about setting up a second attempt, this time as a red work piece. This feels much better, I may even get brave and add some more details.
There is nothing wrong with the work Esther has put in, it's just me, I prefer the lighter stitched image. I have looked about at some of the other versions out there and they are all beautiful. Maybe it's just the fabrics I had available were not quite right, who knows?
I like my red work version and will stick to that.
Finally a Christmas present I didn't show off earlier because it was tucked away in a corner. Hunneys mum sent this all the way from NZ. Isn't it sweet, it gives off such a beautiful soft light.

It sits on top of a very tall book case in the sitting room and is just right as a corner light while watching TV. I love it.
On the grounds that I spent most of the night wide awake listening to the weather, I cancelled my appointment today and came straight home, I'll put my feet up in the sitting room and see if I can get a snooze before Hunney gets home.
1) The bill for the roof is for the landlord.
2) The whole roof didn't go
3) Quick and easy stir fry for tea.


anne bebbington said...

The weather has been vile over the past few days - hope your landlord sorts out your roof problem soon - damp is just what you don't need. I love your redwork version of Esthers BOM - I like the applique blocks too but this is a wonderful interpretation - now you've mastered french knots there'll be no stopping you

Miss 376 said...

Always a bit of a shock to wake up to this, hope it gets sorted very soon. I did like the appliqued version, but I like this too

Narelle said...

I like the redwork version very much and your butterfly light is lovely.

Ikle.Kaiy said...

so thats why my room was leaking:|?? *mutters* "stupid storm.... rassa frassa grrrrrrrr"

Karen said...

I'm going to needleturn applique my Red Delicious. Well, I hope to needleturn. Some of the pieces (cherry stems) are very small.

Rowyn said...

Oh no, glad your landlord gets the bill. Hope your stuff doesn't get damaged in the meantime.

I love your lamp. I have one exactly like it, except the glass in mine is purple! :-)

jannimary said...

I'm glad someone is doing Red Delicious in redwork. (Although your applique version looked great as well.) It sounds like you have had some really wild and woolly weather. I hope it is now all passed.