Sunday, 29 December 2019

A Late Delivery

 Christmas day was a quiet one for us, Tonys parents joined us for a rather late lunch, then took off to visit the rest of their family. I spent a lot of the day knitting, I was determined to finish the back of a sweater that I'm knitting for DGS Floki. Which I did. Might have to give my wrist a bit of a rest from knitting for a while though. 
Boxing day I spent Cross stitching. Tony had purchased a collection of mini kits for me as stocking fillers. I have to say, they are not designs I would have chosen for myself. I will stitch them though and maybe gift the finished pieces. 
He also purchased another stitchy gift for me, one that he couldn't wrap and pop under the tree.
He joined the Gail Pan I Stitch Club on my behalf.
It looks a little different to previous years, it will be interesting to see what patterns turn up.
It looks like a good one for using up scraps and bits and pieces of left over trims etc. It also calls for old doilies and table cloths.... I have a few items, I'll have to dig them out.
The late delivery I mentioned in the post title arrived on Friday. The postie had tucked a package into our box and Tony brought it in to me.
A gift from Janice. Thank you my friend. It's wonderful.
There was a cute blue wall hanger, and ornament for the tree of course. A lovely towel with crocheted tab, to hang on the over door and one of those great wee shopping bags that folds away to nothing, great for popping into your hand bag.
I went to work right away, making sure everyone felt right at home.
 The blue wall hanger fits perfectly into this spot in my quilting studio.
 The ornament is in good company on my tree. 
Speaking of ornaments, I got into the habit of making and gifting them during the SSCS years. This year I made a nd gifted a dozen of them. I forgot to get a picture of them all together, so I'll share some of the images that have come back to me, showing them settling into their new homes.
 This is the first time I have tried this type of ornament.
 They were rather fun to make.
Tony even joined in and helped which was nice.
I do hope you all had a great Christmas and spent the time doing what makes you happy.
I'm off to join the I Stitch Club on facebook.
Then I might do some more cross stitch.


Maria said...

A lovely surprise gift from Janice.. Love that wall hanging and I have one I received in last SSCS from France....
Very thoughtful of Tony to join you up for I Stitch Club..
Beautiful ornaments you made...

Janice said...

I'm glad you liked your little gift and that it fitted right in on your wall. You did well to make so many decorations. I do love mine. The "I Stitch Club" sounds interesting. I'll look on with interest to see what your blocks are like.