Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Yearly Roundup!

I feel like once again I have had a bit of a slow year. It started off well enough as I began a BOM I've had stashed away for many years. Down In The Garden incorporates stitchery, EPP, applique and patchwork piecing. I got as far as two and a half blocks. LOL
 Also early in the year I completed this chap. He is now happily living in his new home having been gifted for Christmas.

A lot of my year was taken up with various crochet projects.
 The huge pure NZ woollen monster which was gifted to my brother.
A pretty pink girly blanket for a colleagues new baby.
 And the very bright and colourful Cosy stripe blanket.
There was also some knitting, I started six garments, all for people younger that 4 years old! And one for me.
I finished five.
I made five advent calendars and sold or gifted four of them.
 They were fun to make.
Finally I got around to quilting my Flower box quilt just a few weeks ago.
No so bad really, not such a lazy year after all.
And I was slowed down somewhat by a repetitive strain injury in my left wrist and thumb, which is still having an impact on the amount of time I can spend at my crafts. I think the change of jobs also had an effect, especially in the last few months before Christmas as I switched from shifts to Monday - Friday and sort of office hours! That had a huge impact on my crafty time.

I have to say I have enjoyed your comments and encouragement along the way and have made sure to comment on your blogs when ever I got the chance to have a read and catch up with your goings on. If you are one of my many lurkers, (those who read but don't comment) please do leave me a comment so that I can have a peep at your crafty goings on and leave you some happy feedback too.

Moving forward....

1)Well, as Tony has signed me up for the I Stitch club, I do hope I am able to make progress on that each month, even if I'm not up to full speed.

2) I'd like to continue on with my latest scrappy project. I'll share photos another day.

3) I mentioned in my last post that I would like to finish cross stitching Spring Queen by the end of January......I might revise that to simply getting her finished in the first half of 2020. 

4) I'd like to get the blocks for Down in the Garden made up and ready for the stitchery, perhaps after Queenie is completed I can get back to the stitching part of that.

5) I chatted with Janice the other day and suggested that I would make one Christmas ornament per month!!!  The ones I'm planning could be quite time consuming, so that might be the way to go. Are you up for that Janice? 12 ornaments in 12 months?

6) Janice and I also chatted about the RSC.......I'm tempted, very tempted, but making no commitments at this time.... LOL

7) I have two knitting projects on the go. A sweater each for myself and my grandson Floki, I'd better finish them.

8) A new grandchild is due in late July.....I have one or two items stashed away ready to gift, but will have to make more, of course. ❤️❤️❤️

How many?
Better wish me luck.

Happy New Year to you all.
Thank you for joining me in 2019 and I wish you all the best in 2020. 


Jenny said...

Its great that you have plans for stitching in 2020. And how nice of Mick to surprise you with the Gail Pan membership! She does lovely designs. With that each month, plus your monthly Christmas decorations, family knitting, crotchet, greenhouse duties, and going to work, you will be a busy girl indeed!
Happy New Year to you both.

Janice said...

Considering your wrist, you had an extremely productive year. OK. I’ll have a go at making some Christmas ornaments. I think mine will be simpler than yours, by the sounds of it. I’ll have to look out some patterns. I’m looking forward to seeing the Spring Queen progress and to see what’s involved with I Stitch.

Maria said...

I think you completed sew many beautiful projects seeming you had a bad wrist for a long time...
I especially love the cross stitched Elephant..
Good luck with your new projects in 2020..
What exciting news that a new babe will be arriving in July..

Fiona said...

You got heaps done. I also did the cosy stripe blanket... it's a lovely design. so many lovely things to do....