Monday, 11 October 2021

What a weekend!

 That was a very busy weekend!

Tony came home Friday afternoon and a half hour later, I had to go work an extra shift. I also had an extra shift Saturday morning.  So we finally got to spend some time together on Saturday afternoon. While Tony cleaned and prepared the green house for planting I was busy in one of the garden beds nearby, pulling weeds and moving a few things around. (Sorry, forgot to take pics and it's raining today).  On Saturday evening we were both exhausted. I pulled out my crochet, while we watched a movie.

As I have said before, no particular design, I'm just going mindlessly round and round, using up yarn that is sat in Gran's cupboard. I have been lazy this time and have not been taking care of my yarn ends, so need to spend some time doing that soon.
Once the yarn in this basket is gone I'll call this one done.
So on with the weekend. 
Sunday was equally busy. We were out in the garden before 9am. We spent a couple of hours planting some seedlings. Tony's dad had given us onion seedlings as he had gotten carried away and bought too many. They filled one veg bed and Tony filled the other two with corn seedlings! I think he got a little carried away too!
We also planted our tomatoes and chilli plants into the green house.
After a trip to the garden centre for a look around and to pick up some shrubs it was home for lunch and back outside. We planted our purchases and then we got on with some tidying up. The front porch and the courtyard were both swept and hosed down and the lawns were mowed. 
We had time to sit down for half an hour before Joe and his family arrived.
It was lovely to play with the children.
I was too tired to crochet last night, so I sat and had a glass of wine instead.
For the week ahead, I see more study.
A swapped shift at work.
More corner stones.
More Christmas ornament.
Before any of that happens I need to get the domestics done.
Tony goes away mid week and won't be back until next week. Still installing new communications equipment in fire engines. This time he will be heading up to the top of the South island to Nelson. 


Lin said...

Always such a lot to do in the garden in the spring, lovely to anticipate all that fresh goodness coming along. Glorious autumn days here and I am busy digging over the veg plots. xx

kiwikid said...

Boy you had a busy but very productive weekend. I like how your crochet blanket is progressing. I had a holiday in Nelson many years ago, it is a lovely place.

Maria said...

Great to finally catch up with each other and you were then busy with the outside work….
Hope you get a chance to relax soon and do some craft….

Janice said...

That was indeed a busy weekend, but very productive by the sounds of it. It’s the perfect time to be planting and the corn will freeze for winter.

ButterZ said...

You sound very busy . Your crochet is lovely.

cityquilter grace said...

getting tired just reading about your uber busy day!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What a lovely blanket - I like the rounds around the center - very visually appealing!! Sounds like you are both so busy!! Having a little time together was probably so nice

dq said...

HOw lovely it is to read about people on the other side of the planet starting gardens as we are moving into the cold season.