Friday 17 May 2024

It's all about the foundations!

All of my sewing room projects are foundation paper pieced at the moment. Which is cool, that means I'm not trying to switch my poor brain between foundation and straight sewing. 

My scrappy triangles project is continuing. Some days I only have time to sew one block before work, sometimes two.
My stash of wee kits was down to one so today I spent some time preparing more.
My Chookshed project this month is Wind Swept. My Autumnal play on the sea swept/storm at sea quilt. Having all the pieces precut got me off to a great start. It didn't take long to make up all the central four patch pieces and today I made a start on turning them in to snail trail blocks. 
My third and final foundation project this month is my RSC Kiwi.
Pink this month.
They were quick and fun to make.
I had a sit and stitch with my pal Debbie the other day, we had a great chat and catch up. Debbie was knitting a wee baby sweater while I worked on my spots and stripes EPP
No pic, you've seen it before.
No image of my secret cross stitch either but it is also progressing, slowly.
I had a garden visitor today. I was outside clearing up the leaves from the lawns and foot paths.
This chap got out of my way as I was using the leaf vac.
I'm so glad I didn't scoop him up  with the leaves.
Well that's my news, I'm off to cross stitch my afternoon away.
Back to work tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Kiwi are pretty in pink! You must have quite a flock by now. Cheers, Louise

Mystic Quilter said...

Perfect Autumn colours here in both scrappy triangles and Storm at Sea. I admire your patience with the little kiwi!

Lin said...

What a great 'leaf' insect! Do you get many? Good start on Windswept - I love the colours. xx

ButterZ said...

Cute little insect. Such a nice colour green. Hope you got some x stitching in.

Jennifer said...

Interesting leaf insect - very well disguised! Some progress to show, too.

Maria said...

Your Kiwis look great in pink.
Looking forward to seeing your Autumnal blocks come together.
You’re doing well with your morning project.

Fiona said...

You managed quite a few blocks this week, I especially like the Windswept blocks...

Ondrea said...

Cute kiwis! Love the blocks. Well done!

dq said...

Cute pink kiwi birds! Are you paper piecing them - guessing so because you mentioned doing all paper piecing projects. I have not started and was wondering the best way to attack them
Paper piecing is a mind changing game for sure. We have to train our minds to think kind of backwards.