Saturday, 29 February 2020

Not One...

But two finishes to boast about!
It's been a busy couple of days in my house!
I have not one, but two finishes!!
First up. I finished my Flip Flop Scraps quilt on Thursday evening. 
I added a little to the side borders, to ensure there would be no midnight fights over the covers, and it fits our bed beautifully.
I have a wool batting for it, but sadly no backing yet. That will need another day trip, preferably with one or more of the girls. Then I get to have fun quilting it.
As I was finished quite early in the evening, I pulled out this recently bought kit.
I fiddled with the fabrics and read the instructions, then went off to bed without making a start.
Friday morning before work, I spent some time sorting and pressing fabrics.
Hmm... Something not right here! That blue amid the pink was bothering me.
So a quick swap.....
And it was time to go to work.
Mr H took me out for dinner last night, no special reason, just because.
So I did nothing crafty.
We watched a movie when we got home. Schindler's list.
An old one.
A good one.
A long one.
We went to bed late.
This morning things were a little different.
It's Saturday, no work. Yay!
Aside from some laundry, I've done almost nothing but sew all day.
So many pretty fabrics.
It is Tula Pinks range called Pinkerville.
The quilt blocks are quite large, as are the pieces.
I love this swan fabric. It comes in three colourways.
As do the unicorns.
And the butterflies.
 The swallows also feature in three colours.
In the blue block.
In the sashing.
And the binding.

And here it is, the finished top.
I started just before 9 am and had it finished before 4 pm.
I did take a couple of breaks, to make and eat lunch, and to chat with Debbie when she called in to drop some stuff she had borrowed.
Sadly, this one is also awaiting backing.
At least I can show you that.
Another of Tula Pinks fabrics, called Daydream.
It should be with me on Tuesday. 
What to do with myself while I wait?
Tomorrow part three of I stitch should arrive.
That will keep me going for a day or two.
I have another wee kit stashed away, awaiting it's turn.
And I'll need to get going on my March Secret Christmas ornament.
That's a little thing Janice and I have going to encourage mostly me I think, to get on and do one a month. 
I'll need to sort and cut fabric for that. I might go do that once I'm done here.
And yes, I got in my 15 minutes a day.
Every day before work.
Some days more, which is always a bonus.


Fiona said...

Wonderful quilt tops.... a perfect pattern for the lovely Tula fabrics and I love the scrap one too.... well done... the 15 mins a day is so good.... I have been neglecting mine …


Jenny said...

Two finishes! Great going, and they both look wonderful.

Janice said...

You have been a busy bee today. I love the latest top. The colours are so vibrant. Tula Pink certainly makes fun fabric.

Maria said...

Great getting two flimsies finished... Do you think they'll be quilted by the end of next month ???

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the Tula fabric is great and these were great finishes for you

Kate said...

Congrats on getting Flip Flop Scraps to the finished flimsy stage! Love your new project! Those fabrics are such fun. You had a very, very productive week.

Ali Honey said...

I like your fabric combination in your Pinkerton top. You HAVE been a busy stitcher.

DawnyK said...

What a great Pinkerville quilt! Well done and so fast. I love that fabric line. Great job! Congratulations on TWO finishes!!! Woo hoo!