Thursday, 27 January 2022

On The Frame

The other night I finally loaded a quilt onto my frame. It feels like it has been ages, even though I did Sea Swept just before Christmas. Hmm, I just looked back in my blog and it was November. 
So anyway, it was time to try out my Christmas gift. If you remember, Tony purchased the Grace company's Pattern Perfect System for me. 
Do you remember this lovely that came in a bag of scraps from FB? 
I rearranged the squares as they were not quite right. It was fun last week trying to get an outdoor  photo. A seemingly still day, with not a breath of wind yet neither of the quilt tops I wanted to photograph would hang nicely for me. 
Tuesday night it went on to the frame.
I planned to utilise the larger of the wavy lines on the boards.
I had already had a good look at the book, It did not have much to say.
And I was not impressed with how things turned out when I did follow the meagre instructions/suggestions.
I was unable to find much in the way of instructional videos or how tos on the net, so in the end I just got stuck in and started.
Did I practice first using an off cut of batting and an old sheet??
Good thing things went ok then. LOL
By moving the stylus forward and backward on the machine carriage after each pass over the quilt top.
and moving the boards left or right on the frame base.
A simple wavy line can make quite pretty fluid and organic patterns.
I had thought I might just do a simple cross hatch on this quilt, it would probably have been done in less time than it took to load it on to the frame, but I'm glad I decided to pop it onto the frame and have a play.
Problem now is, partially through my first quilt using the system, I want more boards, with prettier and more complex patterns, lots of them need a longer machine.....
Negotiations have opened....
This may take a long time.
Or a lotto win.
That's my news, I'm off to finish quilting,...... I just realised, I didn't give this one a name yet.
How about Refreshed Florals?
Fresh Florals?
That will do.
Now that is sorted,
I'm off to finish quilting Fresh Florals.



Jeanette said...

Looks good Lou. Love the wavy lines. Hugs, xx

jude's page said...

It's all about PPP Lou, Practice, Patience and Perseverance!! Is there a facebook page for people that have this specific frame that you could join for help and hints?? Good progress so far!

Shasta Matova said...

I would have done the same -- practice on an actual quilt too. That way you give it the same amount of effort that you would on any other quilt. You are doing well!

dq said...

OH wow! NOw that is a great Christmas present. I love the wavy lines and the color of the thread.

Raewyn said...

It sounds like fun quilting adventures are heading your way, Lou - those waves look great!

Lin said...

Glad it worked OK - sometimes it is best just to go for it! The results are looking great. xx

Janice said...

The perfect quilt to have a play with. It turned out well.

Karen S said...

Great result with the quilting. Shame the instructions were not better but it looks like you did well on your own.

Maria said...

Good little quilt to play with your new rulers. Pattern looks great.