Friday, 21 January 2022

First Two for 22.

It's been a slow start to 2022 for me, with very little progress on my quilts for lots of reasons, but none of them nice or exciting. But I figured it was time to post some progress.
You last met Jenny's Hexies at the end of this long Christmassy post.  I had made quite a bit of progress since then.
She had some green hexies in her back in December, but the other night I decided that they were not right for her, so did some un picking. I can assure you that unpicking those tiny hand stitches is a lot harder and slower than ripping a machine sewn seam. Once that was done I filled in the gaps created then got on with adding more of those four patch hexie blocks.
And this is where she is up to today.
She could do with a press, sorry, please ignore the wrinkles.
I have a few individual hexies to add, filling in the larger gaps, then it will be time to add a border.
Once that is done I'll need to find another hand project to work on, I'm thinking Cross stitch.
While I was outside at the line taking pictures of Jenny's hexies I took along the reassembled quilt top that I acquired in the big bag of scraps which I talked about back here
of course a vesper of a breeze wandered through mid shoot.
And made it difficult to get the shot.
But you get the idea. It looks much better with it's new layout.
It really didn't take me long to get it sewn back together.
I've sorted out fabric for backing and binding, but that is as far as I got. The backing fabric needs a little cutting and resewing, which seems appropriate but I didn't get around to doing it yet. 
Can you see my neighbours sun flower standing up above the fence?
It is over seven feet tall!!
But no flower yet. 
There are three others, but they are not quite so tall, one is currently at six foot and the other two at just over five foot. 
I'll try to catch a picture when I see flowers. 



Ondrea said...

The hexie quilt is looking lovely and I think your decision to remove the green was a good idea. A paler green may have looked okay but the pinks look fantastic. The scrap quilt is also rather pretty. I look forward to seeing what your cross stitch is.

Maria said...

The hexies do look better without the green and the re sew of the pretty squares look great too.
Be nice to see the sunflowers 🌻 🌻 🌻

Chookyblue...... said...

Busy busy..... There is always a breeze when trying to take a photo..... Lol

Janice said...

They are both looking good. I thought it must be about time to do some more cross stitch.

Diane-crewe said...

every stitch is worth the effort x I love to have a hand project on the go .. be it sewing, knitting or crochet x My mum was a BIG cross stitcher ,but, I never took to it x.. have fun with whatever you decide on x