Monday 25 September 2023

An EPP Update.

First up!  
Blogger is turning my images around again, so I apologise for the upside down images. NOT my doing and nothing I do convinces blogger that it is wrong and I am right. 
Now, back to the EPP.
Do you remember I adopted a bundle of fabric, some stitch basted hexies and even a few flowers?
I have them all tidy now in a box and I've cut some more fabrics and papers ready for glue basting. No stitch basting here.
I have even managed to make up a few flowers of my own to add to the collection.
Yes, this is one of those upside down images and so is the next one.
The inspiration for my next EPP project came from a quilters companion magazine.
The upside down image does not take away from the lovely bright fabrics used for this project.
Inspired I went out and purchased a bundle of bright fabrics with spots and stripes in order to create my own version.
Here they are nestled in their project box. The green slip of card is an off cut from the Diamond paper shapes. I found some for free on the WWW and cut my own. I kept the off cut so you could see what I had done and also to remind myself where I had found them, so I can make more. 
Here you can see the first few already glue basted and waiting to be sewn.
I'll keep you updated on any progress I might make on either project. 
I have collections of fabric for two other EPP projects and just might set up another project box.
And finally for today here's a look at my latest scrappy project.
It looks a little washed out here, the colours really are warmer brighter than they appear here.
As you can see I trimmed the edges and added a soft grey border. I might finish it with a scrappy binding once I have quilted it. 
And there you have it, you are all up to date on my EPP projects.
Now I'm off to sew hexies for an hour before I go to work. 


Jeanette said...

Lovely EPP projects.

Ondrea said...

Beautiful hexies there. Is that a tumbling blocks quilt you are doing with those bright fun fabrics? It will look gorgeous! Tumbling blocks have been on my 'to do' list for years but I think I will just be happy watching your progress lol. Lovely finish with the other one. Well done girl!

Lin said...

Pretty hexie flowers and lovely bright spots and stripes. Your flimsy looks great. xx

Mystic Quilter said...

So good to see hexagons all neatly in their colour families stacked in a box or tray waiting to be stitched together.

Jennifer said...

Your new EPP project is the same design as my diamonds - but not using paper, I prefer to sew on the line. It's very bright and happy!

Rose Marie said...

I don't have any EPP projects going right now and look at you and what you have going is making me think about starting something new .... just to have on hand.

Karen's Korner said...

Some lovely projects there to keep you busy for sometime to come. Hexies ae such a good pick up and put down item. Blogger has been very annoying lately.

cityquilter grace said...

lou you are an EPP tornado! loving those bright colors, dots and stripes all!

Janice said...

You’ve been very industrious. Now you will have plenty to go on with during Zoom sessions.

ButterZ said...

I’m glad you love epp so much. The end results are beautiful

Karen S said...

The projects are lovely but I do like the bright colours for the new one!

jude's page said...

Looks like you have lots of organisation happening, well done. EPP, not on my bucket list anytime soon.