Sunday, 3 July 2022

Weekend round up.

Sunday evening always seems to come around too soon.
But I've had a good weekend, played some and rested some too.
Friday was a day of rest, I did very little I must confess. I read some blogs and surfed Pinterest and that was pretty much it, except for a little crochet.
I finally got around to getting a better image of my current project.
I made this one a few years ago, but decided that it needed to be bigger, so I've been adding more rounds in rainbow colours, with rounds of cream in between. 
It is a lovely cosy project to work on, especially on these cooler days and evenings.
On Saturday I zoomed with Chooky and the girls. I was late joining in, having gotten confused about times and time zones!
But once I finally joined in I made great progress. 
Preparing blocks for the outside edge of the Lucy Blue quilt. 
EPPers will know that although it sounds like I'm nearly done, in reality I am not. There is still a long way to go.
Sunday morning I pulled out my scrap bin and sorted more fabrics for the Scrappy Triangles.
(The squirrel pulled something else out too, more about that later).
I know it looks like I have missed corners here and there, but really I haven't.
I've trimmed the blocks a quarter inch beyond the cutting line.
I have four pages of block three printed and ready for next time.
Then Joe arrived with the children. It is Miss Charmaine's birthday tomorrow, she will be six.
Poor wee soul is not well though, she seems to be coming down with a cold or flu. She had a temperature and rosy red cheeks. (Not Covid, she had that just a few weeks ago).
Sadly they only really stayed long enough for her to open her gifts and for her cheeky little brother to impress Grandad with his knowledge of the word 'No' and his extensive knowledge of how to make dirty marks on clean windows.
Poor Grandad, he only washed the windows a couple of weeks ago.
After they had left I got busy with the latest squirrel project.
In one of my big bags of other peoples scraps there were some bundles of fabric that obviously belonged together, the recent Flutterby Bunnies was one such bundle. This time, it's bees.
Honey bees and their hives were bundled together with some cream and a natural coloured fabric.
All precut in to five inch squares.
A quick shuffle on the floor and it was time to sew them together.
In less then an hour I was hunting for a border fabric in my stash, but it looks like I'm going shopping.
And finally, no outdoor photography today, but old man tree gets a mention anyway.
The late afternoon sun shone through his branches and cast their shadows in to my room.
I loved the way the light and shade looked on the quilt top while I was pressing it. 
While I have been tapping away here, I've also been messaging with Debbie. We're going shopping tomorrow morning, I can look for a border fabric.
And just like that, the weekend is over. 
I hope yours was as good as mine. 



Ondrea said...

Love your crocheted blanket and your other projects are coming along nicely. Loving Lucy and look forward to seeing how you attach borders as I still can't work mine out lol.

Deb said...

You have many wonderful projects on the go busy hands! i love when the sun appears on our works and really highlights the the designs. I do remember the days of cherishing every second of my weekend and utilising that time. I am still part time but not fulltime it makes a huge difference. Have a great time shopping! My Fabric Therapy will be Thursday!

Lin said...

Your crochet looks so at home on that rocker. A nice way to spend your weekend. xx

jude's page said...

Good to catch you on Zoom, and loving those scappy triangles!! You do make good use of other people's fabrics.

Jennifer said...

Great shot of your crocheted blanket, love the chair....I couldn't make the zoom this time..

Marika said...

Hello, greetings, I was happy to meet you again at the Zoom Meeting. I think your crochet blanket is too beautiful and you are making such good progress with all your projects. Greetings Marika

Chookyblue...... said...

Lovely to see you on zoom........thank goodness you finally arrived but next time I will message you when your MIA just in case.....esp when I knew you were right........the light on the little quilt is lovely.......goodluck choosing a border fabric.....the blanket looks great on the chair.......

Lianne makes stuff said...

I love your crochet the simple things are sometimies the best. Have fun shopping and good luck finding a border

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

It was lovely to catch up with you on zoom over the weekend. I absolutely love your rainbow crochet blanket. It's just so bright and happy. Hope your sick little people are all better soon.

Janet O. said...

Your crocheted blanket looks really lovely draped over the rocker.
Glad you got in on the Zoom--patiently working on your EPP.
If we could only figure out how to keep those squirrels out of our sewing rooms! But sometimes they just have to take over!
Have fun shopping! Hope you find just what you need--and several other things you can't live without. ;)

kiwikid said...

Nice to see you on zoom on Saturday. Your crochet blanket looks great on the chair, your Lucy blocks are lovely. Very tempted to go down the FPP path, your blocks look great. The little baby quilt is great too,, that squirrel is keeping you busy!!

Christine B said...

Nice to see you on zoom! It looks as though you have had a very productive weekend! All your projects are looking fabulous! Christine xx

ButterZ said...

You have kept very busy. All looks great.

Janice said...

It was nice to catch up on the weekend. I love your rug. Very nicely styled on your chair in the sunshine. Al. Your other projects are going well. How many more squirrels at your house? You’ll be like Kensington Gardens there are so many.

Maria said...

Liking your colourful crocheted blanket..
You sure had a great weekend .
Did your get the fabric you needed ?

Raewyn said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend, Lou. I thought I would get to zoom but it just didn't happen for me this time. Your crocheted blanket looks great, and nice to see your progress on LB. I saw one in fussy cut Tilda's the other day and could be caving....I'll tuck the idea away and see where it leads to!

Christine M said...

Your crocheted blanket is lovely. Sorry I missed the zoom day. Hopefully I'll get there next time.