Sunday, 26 June 2022

Flutterby Bunnies

So I went in to my room on Friday, with every intention of starting a new project, you see I had downloaded 52 patterns for a scrappy paper foundation project and I set about hunting for just the right fabric to use for the main fabric and contrast to the scraps......
And well I came across a bundle of someone else's scraps and they spoke to me. Telling me they needed to be used, just then the squirrel hopped by and poof!
A quilt was born. LOL All of these fabric pieces were already cut, they just needed sewing together.
So I obliged.
Then, I auditioned and added a border.
While I was working with those yummy green pieces with their bunnies and bugs, I kept thinking they looked familiar, then it struck me, of course they are familiar, because I had just bought their cousin!
Last week, while I was out with Debbie.
Flutterby Bunny. (Blush)
Mystery solved I dug out some possible bindings and left them to sort them selves out. I had to head off to work.
By Saturday, the applicants for binding had sorted them selves out and one was volunteered elected.
I quickly made up a franken batt, from the pieces trimmed off the Op Shop Quilt, then found backing, at 4 x 5 blocks it didn't take long to pin and I started quilting.
Nothing flash, just a very quick and easy stitch in the ditch, using my ditching foot.
Before lunch time, I had not only added the binding, but had hand stitched it closed and added a Loulee label. 
No time for a photo shoot though, we were off out for lunch.
By the time we got back from lunch I did the (other kind of) ironing and it was time for work.
So the photo shoot took place this morning. (Sunday) It's a lovely sunny day and I headed off outside. 
Maybe it's a little too beautiful. I struggled to get good photos.
Lots of sunshine and shade and the delicate colour was all washed out.
Maybe on the wagon wheel, by the fence?
Last nights rain wasn't helping my cause.
My favourite tree is also wet from the rain, so I came back indoors and tried some more.
Oh dear, it really isn't my day. The fabrics look all washed out and the shadows make it look like I did such a poor job of the quilting. I assure you it looks way better in real life. 
I did manage to get a closer look at the pretty fabric.
It is a lovely shade of sage green with flutterbys and bunnies all over it and the contrast is a tiny polka dot.  I tried one last photo, draped over the couch.
It still really does not tell the true colour story of this cute wee quilt.
At 24x29 inches, it's just big enough for a bassinet or maybe a pram and sweet enough to keep a little person warm.
Thank you Mr Squirrel now off you go, off to distract help some one else, I have plenty of things to be getting on with thank you. 
I'm really not sure what I'll be doing today. The paper foundations are still waiting for me in the front sewing room, so are several quilt tops, in varying sizes all waiting to be quilted, but my Christmas ornaments are calling out, so maybe I'll sit quietly with those for a while.
Then off to work at 3pm. 
I hope your weekend is as good as mine.


Tazzie said...

Your quilt is so pretty, the soft colours are so soothing. I love the term frankenbatt, I use them all the time! I think I might like to adopt your term!
Hugs, Tazzie xox

Christine M said...

That bunny fabric is so gorgeous Lou.

ButterZ said...

Great squirrel visit. Oh the joys of trying to get photos too. It’s a lovely colour though.

Jennifer said...

Very cute!

Ondrea said...

Woohoo! Well done. It is so annoying when the colours don't show uo properly in pics. It looks great. It is a dreary dull cold day here, no sun.

Jeanette said...

Lovely little quilt. Love those rabbits, so cute. Hugs,

The Cozy Quilter said...

Those bunnies are adorable. Cute quilt!

kiwikid said...

That squirrel keeps you busy doesn't it!! That is a very cute quilt with beautiful fabrics.

Janice said...

What a sweet little quilt. Perfect to use up those pretty fabrics.

Lin said...

Sweet little quilt and what a co-incidence with those fabrics. It is difficult photographing fabris of certain colours - I am having problems with my Wings fabrics, the photographs are never like the real thing. Love your rocking chair and the wagon wheel is brilliant! xx

Christine B said...

What a beautiful little quilt! Love the fabrics. Christine xx

Karen S said...

They do look like lovely fabrics. Something must have been in the back of your mind when you bought that panel.
Your quilt has turned out really well.

Rose Marie said...

You have been on a roll getting quilts finished! This latest is sweet and a child will love it!

Mystic Quilter said...

This will be a super quilt for a little one, soft colour and bunnies in abundance! Must say I love the wagon wheel.

Chookyblue...... said...

that fabric is so all the photos you shoots are fun......