Saturday 13 April 2024


As you know I have swapped shifts at work. This has been my first week of 7am starts after three years of starting work at 3pm. It's been a bit of a struggle I have to say. Not the getting up and being lively in the early hours, I was doing that anyway, no the struggle is when I get home, I have very little left in the tank and need most of that for chores and food prep. I thought I might get in to my room before work each day, but with no active projects calling out for attention, that didn't happen. I have managed to do some mindless tasks in the evenings. I spent quite a bit of time preparing more 3/4 inch hexies.
And covering them with pretty batiks.
I need to have a tidy up in the batik drawer to see if there are anymore smaller pieces that could be used up here. I still didn't decide what to do with these pieces yet but I'm sure inspiration will strike one day, meanwhile I'll keep adding to the tin.
While I'm on the topic of EPP, I did also manage to get another row of blocks added to my spots and stripes project.
My pile of premade blocks is getting low so I need to join a few more diamonds. I've also pulled some papers from the middle of this section so I could get more cut and prepared too.  
All of the above makes for good evening jobs if only I could motivate myself to do a little more. 
Finally I have my days off. Yay! A whole weekend. I have left a note on the roster that I am not available for call in so hopefully I can get on and do something creative.
This morning started with a quick zoom with Chooky and some of the Scrub Stitchers. As you can imagine there is lots going on and lots to see as Janice and Chooky went around the room looking at all the different projects. 
And it inspired me, I wanted to sew along with them. 
I pulled out my scrappy triangles project. I started these back in 2022, and dabbled a little more with them last year. Somehow I have ended up with three different sized blocks. Today I sorted them out and after a little trimming I have a bundle all the same size, (And a few smaller blocks, I'll use them somewhere).
It felt good to be playing with these again.
I printed some more paper foundations and measured twice to make sure they were the correct size. LOL
Then prepared my fabric pieces and sat down to sew.
Tada!  Two more blocks for the collection.
Then a brainwave struck. Why not cut and prepare blocks in to mini kits, all ready for 15 minutes in the  mornings? Or even for after work?
So that is what I did, each of these wee bags has precut fabrics for two more blocks. That's six in total. Hopefully that will keep me going until my next couple of days off.
While it is not a scrappy kit to take along to club, they are still scrappy kits, so I'll count them as one of my monthly goals.
I plan to spend this afternoon cross stitching on one of the two ornaments I'm supposed to be making this month. I feel like I'm under pressure and may not finish!
Tomorrow morning we are heading about an hour up the road to collect a new toy for me.
No, not a sewing toy.
A push bike.
It might be nice to ride too and from work instead of taking the car every day.
That's the thinking.......
I'm not sure what I'll do when we get back, maybe prep some more scrappy triangles?
Maybe sit and do some EPP.
I should do some cross stitch tomorrow, to try and catch up to my own ambitions. LOL
I'll keep you posted.
What ever I do, I'll have to stop and put it away when the children arrive. 
I had better have a tidy up and put some projects away before they get here too.
I'm off to sew.


jude's page said...

Doing some catchup blog reading and you certainly have been busy on lots of sewing and cooking projects. I am sure you will adjust to the new shift hours.

dq said...

Spots and stripes is really growing. You are queen of finishing EPP projects.
That is super cute little bin for your FPP blocks. They fit very neatly inside.

Mini kits are a great idea. I am sort of doing that at my house. It helps me bite off little goals here and there.

You looked tired today online. I hope you adjust to the new schedule soon. Every new year starting at school, I feel exhausted for awhile.

Lin said...

The kit idea sounds good - lets hope it works for you, and the cycling to work! Your spots and stripes are looking good. Hope you get a few things done over the weekend, but in any case, enjoy! Such a shame I didnt find the zoom invite until i opened up this morning, would have loved to see what everyone was up to. xx

Maria said...

Your tin of tiny hexies is growing as well as the spots/stripy project.
Hope you get used to,your new shifts and don’t feel so tired.
Always nice to get back to a forgotten project.
Is your new bike going to be an electric one?
Enjoy your family’s visit.

Susan said...

I think making your "wee kits" will really help - it will take some time to re-jiggle your body clock...and this sewing stuff is meant to be fun . . . .so just let it slide for a bit if you need to.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I had to look up push bike and it said "a bicycle", LOL. Good plan for you with amazing fitness possibilities so good luck with that.
Meanwhile, what great stitching going on at your house. Love all the EPP projects of course and I too love the prep work those require. You keep yours better organized than mine. And fit it all in and around work! That is amazing.

Denice Barker said...

Missed the zoom party and am so sorry!
I know changing a work schedule can know the dust out of a person so being organized with your projects will help a LOT.
Love the spots and stripes!

Fiona said...

It is a big adjustment... I expect you will find a new rhythm soon.... you still accomplished quite a lot.... I do want to do the scrappy triangles too...

Karen S said...

It is tricky getting your body to adjust to a different schedule. It all takes time.
And it is good to have projects ready to go when you need them. That is a smart idea to have your triangle blocks prepared and ready to sew.

Chookyblue...... said...

It's harder to come home and get motivated then get stuff done before you go to work .... Goodluck settling into the change....

kiwikid said...

You are getting lots done while you adjust Lou. Wonderful blocks and kits. Loving your hexies.