Friday 19 April 2024

Three days off

My three days off are nearly over. They have been good though.
Day one, Wednesday I spent enough time in my room to complete a pair of Scrappy triangle blocks.
(Hmm, but for some reason I didn't get a photo).
 Then I got on and completed lots of chores before spending the afternoon with my cross stitch.
On Thursday I spent some time preparing more kits ready for my 15 minutes in the mornings before work.
I also had a good tidy up of the drawer that contains the smaller scraps I'm using for these blocks. It was an awful mess, hopefully next time I'm making up kits I will find it a little easier to source the fabric sizes I need. 
Then I spent the afternoon stitching again.
Today, Friday I again spent time in my happy room, this time sewing together some of those mini kits I've been making up.
It was nice to be able to just pull everything out of the bag and start sewing.
These two were very quick and easy to put together.
This block was challenging to prepare for. All those tiny little pieces.
But the two completed blocks look sew cute.
And once I'm done here I'll be picking up my cross stitch again.
I have the first ornament almost complete. Hopefully I will finish it before Tony gets home looking for food. 


Lin said...

You made good use of your time off, love those red squares! xx

dq said...

Those log cabin blocks really are cute! I love seeing your kits. I made a mini Moda Love block in memory of Baradine and got to thinking how nice it would be to cut up all my scraps and make a mini Moda Love quilt. It is a crazy idea due to the fact that I DO NOT NEED to start another project.

kiwikid said...

Great idea to have the kits ready to go, lovely blocks.

cityquilter grace said...

sounds like you've got a great system going there...once organized it's amazing how much one can do in little time

Jeanette said...

Love the log cabin blocks, so cute. Great idea making the kits up to give yourself the sewing time.

Maria said...

It’s great having the little bags ready to pick up and sew .
Blocks look great.

Karen S said...

You have been busy. All that preparation will pay off.

Fiona said...

The best way to spend some time off.... love those triangle blocks ...

Susan said...

The log cabin blocks are very effective.... You are certainly into scrap stuff at the moment

Susan said...

I went looking for the "Year of Scrappy triangles" - wow!!! what a find - thanks