Monday 26 February 2024

Busy, busy, busy.

So on Saturday I said I was off to make jam. And I did.
I couldn't find just the right recipe, so I mixed a few together and made up my own. 
I used the nectarines that a pal had given me. And also some home grown chilli.
Here it is, Nectarine and chilli jam. It's quite nice on toast and sure wakes up the taste buds in the morning. It's pretty good on a cracker with cheese too. 
So happy that I took notes about what I was doing.
I'll be making more.
I also found plenty of time to sew and tired of making tumbling blocks, I started to sew them together.
I'm not following the shade/colour value rule here, just putting diamonds together to create a happy spotty and stripey quilt top.
I think it looks happy.
I have lots more blocks to add and plenty more diamonds to sew together.
No grand children this week as Grandad had an upset tummy and didn't want to share.
This morning I have been busy with my Debbie Mumm scraps and created two more churn dash blocks.
I've also planned and cut another but I'll save it for tomorrow, or another day.
Hopefully once I am done with some chores and eat some lunch I will have time to stitch a little more on the black cat cross stitch. Later this week my cross stitching focus shifts back to the secret ornaments as we begin a new month. It will also be time to learn the new RSC colour and what Number Deanna picks for the Chookshed challenge.  
That is my news for today, I'm off to be busy for a while.


Jennifer said...

Nectarine and chilli jam sounds interesting....I always look for home-made jams and preserves in country town craft shops when we travel. Love your stripes, spots and dots!

Lin said...

I must say nectarine and chilli does sound like a great combination. Your tumbling blocks are certainly looking happy and colourful! I am looking forward to a change of colour. xx

Jenny said...

That sounds like you, "off to be busy". Poor hubby, his turn not feeling well.

Susan said...

The tumbling blocks look like fun and as you say "a happy quilt"
Not long til the beginning of the month and we get our new number and colour.

Fiona said...

Ive not thought of nectarine and chilli jam.... sounds good.... lovely stiching done.... hope you are on full strength again now...


ButterZ said...

Enjoy your jam

Karen S said...

Nice combo with the jam.
The tumbling blocks are looking great together.

Maria said...

Interesting combo your new jam is.
Cute dots and strips tumblers…

kiwikid said...

Well done with the jam, sounds like an interesting combination. You have been very productive with your hand stitching and churn dashes