Saturday 24 February 2024

More new recipes, Zoom progress and making plans

I mentioned in my last post that I had two more new to me recipes to try out. And here are the results.
First a bakewell slice.
Not strictly new to me as I have made them before, but not using this particular recipe.
I would definitely use this one again, the sponge turned out incredibly light even if the image is somewhat blurry.
Hmm and it would seem that I didn't pin this particular version of the recipe. Good thing I printed a copy.
Next was a recipe Tony wanted to try.
We both enjoy a good stirfried Chinese style meal and have several go to recipes. This one has been around for a long time I'm not sure how we have never tried it before. 
This version is a keeper too as we both very much enjoyed it.
On a stitching note. 
Chooky called one of her short notice zoom sessions this morning. It only lasted a short time and was in full swing when I arrived. So I pulled out my EPP box and sat and sewed while I listened to everyone chatting.
I made eight wee tumbling blocks. My pile of completed blocks is getting taller. 
These are fast and fun to make.
In other news, time to show an update on my kitty cat cross stitch.
He has been snoozing since early in January when I put him down, this is what he looked like.
And after a couple of afternoon sessions this last week he is looking a little different.
He's still got his eye on me. LOL
My plans for the remainder of today and the next few days?
I have a bowl of stone fruits to use up. A pal gave me a bag of nectarines, there are also some more plums and apricots in there that need to be used.
I did find a recipe for Nectarine and chilli jam.....(Another new recipe).
Might have to give that a go and also make a batch of mixed stone fruit jam or maybe another crumble or cake.
I kinda want to continue stitching diamonds together, but the kitty cat is crying for attention too.
Our grand children are visiting tomorrow so I won't get much done while they are here, I had better get on with the hot jam making today and perhaps a fruit crumble tomorrow. 
Well there you go, I made a plan. 
I'm off to make jam.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a good the kitty keeping an eye on you!

kiwikid said...

Hope the jam making went well Lou. Your diamonds look great, I can understand you wanting to continue making them. Love your cross stitch cat, your slice looks wonderful and I am going to try that chicken! Thank you.

Lin said...

That chicken looks delicious! Tumbling blocks looking great as is your lovely cat. xx

cityquilter grace said...

sorry i missed zoom...your new recipes look delish and wonderful progress on kitty...

Rose Marie said...

Love to see what you are baking .... I'm drooling! Those diamonds are coming along so nicely.

Jeanette said...

The bakewell slice sure looks delicious. Love the cross stitch kitty. What is the pattern name please.

Janice said...

Lots of yummy cooking there. It’s fun to try new recipes. Great progress on both your projects.