Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I'm all bagged out. (Second post today)

I've been busy with bags all day, well, since I finished my homework that is! Yes I'm a swot and it''s all done. I'll read it through tomorrow, just to make sure it's all in English and I didn't become fluent in Swahili half way through.
So since late this morning I've made 5 bags, with varying degrees of success. These first two are not for Elaine, but one of them is a gift, the other will be mine.
I have to say I'm not at all impressed with my efforts on this creamy one, but there is still some of this fabric left and I intend to have another go tomorrow. (I'm sick of the thought of bags at the moment.)
This little tartan book bag suits the cross stitch patch, well I think it does anyway.
And a sweet little grand daughter sized bag. The button serves no other purpose than to weight the flap and help it to stay closed.
If all else fails, I'll make a larger version of this tomorrow for Granny Elaine.
My scraps box is overflowing and I feel that it's time I did something about that. I have a huge piece of black fabric which would serve well as sashing fabric, if only I could find the right scrappy pattern. I'm off to find inspiration, then maybe I'll dig DD Kay out of her room to come and help.
1) Lots of time to play.
2) Another hot sunny day.
3) My homework is finished.


em's scrapbag said...

Nice bags. I look forward to see what your scraps become. I've been playing with mine a bit lately.

Jane said...

You've done well to get the homework all done and out of the way. Now you can concentrate on more important things. I do love that cream fabric, I hope you find something you are happy with, but I do think you have done well

Janice said...

You're a machine. I get tired just looking at all the lovely things you make. Elaine should be delighted.

black bear cabin said...

Wow, you've been rather busy!!! lots of bags, and all so different and cute! i don't mind they cream colored one...perhaps you just need a break from bags for the moment.
Sorry i haven't commented in a while...lots of craziness here in the summer, but i have been dropping by. Hope you are all well!